Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 5

December 19, 2012
hey family how is everybody doing back in alamo. i hope all is well. it is freezing right now here it is obsurd how cold it is. snows like everyday. i wish i could where shorts and a short sleeve shirt like i did back at home everyday. first off i am so jelous you guys got to go to that messiah play or whatever that was. taht sounded like a total blast. i was dying laughing when you guys told me about the santa thing in san fran. i can totally picture that. only in san fran am i right. i mean that is such a san fran thing to do. mom i think it is hilarous how you gave that guys some spare change just based on sebastian and the persons presentation. that is soo funny. dad your welcome for turning you on the the iphone. seriously the best phone in the world. i love that phone so much. it is probaly the thing i miss most besides the family of course. i mean you can do nearly everything on thta phone. as long as it doesnt' have flash. dad how are the niners looking for the playoffs? are we in? about tom brady. i have a man crush on him as well. i don't know enough about joe monatna thoough to argue his case. i think my biggest man crush though is a tie between aryton sena and chris martin though. i love those guys so much haha. dad with your luck on your birthday the world woould end the day before haha. oh well i guess you really havn't ever really had a unique birthday because of christmas haha. charlie i love your letters buddy. i miss you so much and i love how you are so concered about my spanish. keep praying for me buddy i need your prayers. i p layed that maze you made for me as well charlie it was so fubn thatnks for drawing that for me. ella it sounds like you are having so much fun with your freinds that sounds like a total blast. i can't beleive you got to watch chicken run during class for thanksgiving. like what does that movie have to do with thanksgiving at all haha that was really funny when you told me that. i will always remember the time we went to get cupcakes. taht was so fun and they were ssoooooo good. remembver when we got home little charlie ruined the pumpkin one because he was shaking the box. haha charlie is the best. Uncle john glad to hear about your time at MPCC. man do i miss those times. those were the best days in my life and i will remember those days the rest of my life. the light fog in the air after a nice breakfast special. hit the range for a little bit then go over to the first tee. this is the last time yhou are going to see me smile. game on!! smash the ball down the center of the fairway. honestly without a doubt some of my best memories ever. my favorite shots of all time would have to be the shots on 14 on the dunes into the sun. you hit the ball i thought it went left into the water. i hit my ball i knew i hit it well but had no idea where it went. walk up to the green and both of our balls were on the green!! incredible!! defintily the most memorable 2 golf shots i have ever experiacned. when i get into bed at night i want to say about 3 out of 7 days a week. i go through my round at pebble and the holes. then go through all the holes at mpcc in my head. its not to much differnt just thinking about it though becasue some times i just think it is a dream. i get the chills just thinking abiout taht place. as for me in the mtc nothing really new. the mtc is really really repetttive. class study class study everyday all day. no real spirtual experiaces this week or testony builders. the best part about the mtc though is defintily the spirit. if you just pray to have the spirit with you throughout the day and you say it in faith it acutally happens its crazy. you can actualy feel the spirit all day. the spirti really helps me stay calm in class and focused becasue you guys know me i would go crazy. i got an all time high of letters last night. nine total. i got one from the holmes and teh sandys. then like 7 dear elders from all of you guys. it was the best. getting letters really just keeps me motivated knowing thta my family has my back. i got your package by the way but i forgot like it was christams time as was wondering why you guys rapped my package. it took until after i ipend all of teh presents up to remember those were porbably for christmas haha. thanks for getting me new shoes im sure those will be great. i have not worn them yet just because i am still working on breaking in my black ones. they are a little better now but i still get foot cramps beaccue they are small. probalaby the best part about the package though was the picture book. no doubt it was. i am so glad you did that for me. i was going to ask you guys to send me picutes becasue i forgot to bring some and you investigators afamilys love to see what your family is like back home. plus i had like no pictures of the family. that picture book may be the best present i have ever recieved. oh dad a couple more things i need. i need more socks most likely because these socks i brought are really thin and my guess they are going to ware out pretty fast if i am walking all day in guat. second can i get the my preisthood line thing. the paper that says where you got yours and blah blah blah all the way back to joseph smith. i really need a copy of that beacause if my investigators get the preisthood that is the only time they will be able to see that or else i will be gone forever. so if you could please send me that that would be awsome. also do you have any idaea where the socks are that i bought at cabellas? keep the letters coming guys i look forward to gettingthem everyday. thanks for being the best and i miss you all!!!
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