Saturday, January 12, 2013

MTC Week 8

Hey family how are guys doing? I miss and love all of you so much.  i think and pray about you all everyday.  thank you guys so much for everything that you have done for me. Ben you are the man and i miss you so much.  it brings me to tears everytime i think about our childhood stories like playing down in the creek when we lived in monte carlo. or all the times playing smash or whatever that game was called on the trampoline. i never relized how great all those times were until i came here.  i miss bugging you to the point of a flip out man i wish i could here you scream and yell NICHOLASSSS one more time haha.  such great times your the man and i love you.  i know that high school is going to be tough but if you ever get in a situation you don't want to be just think about serving a mission.  just think about where i am right now and do everything in your power to get here.  4 years is going to come a lot faster then you think.  ella i miss you cute little smile and laugh and i think about the memories with you all the time like going to get cupcakes and playing board games. charlie you little rascal.  i miss laying in your bed past your bed time playing angry birds with you and mom didn't know.  that was so fun.  As for you mom and dad words can't describe how grateful i am for everything you did for me.  all the sacrifices of driving me places and having to deal with me during my "teenage years" i don't know how you guys did it.  you guys just never stopped loving me and making me feel special.  i will forever be in debt to you guys.  the way i turned out today is because of you guys whether that be good or bad haha.  It just brings a happiness to me that i have never experianced when i think about that we can be together forever.  i want nothing more than that.  i could never ever ever give you a thank you you guys deserve its just not possible.  all i can say is that i am floored by the amount of time you guys had to put into me to make me who i am today.  I know that i would be ungrateful at times but that is just because i didn't understand.  i still don't understand but i know now how much time and sacrifice you guys made to help me grow up.  mom thank you for the package with the lemon squares and nutmeg cookies those were teh best.  i didn't get sick off of those this year byut my companion did haha.  when it comes to those lemon squares though there is nothing beter and i didn't share those with anyone haha.  Oh ya and mom i want to hear all the deatails about what you guys are doing at home they don't make me homesick but rather think of all the great times i had with my family doing that same sort of stuff.  Dad i didn't forget about your birthday.  Happy birthday and i hope it was awsome. that sign that you made rachel is hilarous.  i was dying laughing when mom told me about it.  that was such a fun last night honestly.  i can't think of a funnier thing to do then what we did the night before you dropped me off.  what a memory.  my friends always told me it doesn't matter what situation i am in but i can make it fun.  i can't take credit for that though. i am that way because of my mom and dad.  it doesn't matter what we are doing you guys make it fun.  actually almost everything waiting in the car while dads in ross can get pretty long and that isn't alwasy fun haha.  but almost everthing haha.  that trip you guys went on up to oregan sounded like a blast.  i always wanted to go up and explore oregan.  its like the closest state to us and we never got to explore it.  im glad you finally went up and explored it that sounds like a blast.  AS for me at the MTC nothing has changed.  really nothing specail this last week.  i can't believe that it is my 8th week here.  this is my 2nd to last pday at this place i cna't wait to get out there and start teaching real people.  i cna't even believe tthat i have been here for 50 days thats unreal.  time is flying here.  something somewhat interesting that happned.  i can't remember if i told you guys this but my district of 10 guys put down 2 towers of cereal.  they have these toweres of cereal in the lunch room and we put down 2 pof them.  lets see i ate 9 bowls of cereal and elder krey ate 12.  those were the best out of the district but every1 else at least at 6 haha crazy.  i threw up after and so did elder krey.  it was hilarous. oh and i sprained my ankle real bad a couple of weeks ago but didn't want to tell you guys because i didn't want you to worry.  it is getting better now and i can run fine now so all is good. funny thing is elder krey sprained his ankle the same day at the same time.  so we were both having to hobble everywhere and everybody thought we were faking.  we ended up going to the doctor because i couldn't even walk and either could he.  they gave me a brace and sent me off.  its almost better now like i said though which is good.  another funny thing is the flu is going around this place like wildfire.  over 400 missionaries are sick in this place.  of course i am not going to get sick because i have a flawless immune system but im worried about every1 else.  2 out of the 4 peopple in my room are sick including my companion.  haha we have 4 sick in our district.  don't worry though befcause like i said i dont get sick.  my time is up on the computer and i have to go. Love all you guys so much and i will try to email you again later when i do laundry.  love all of you and thank you for everything you have done for me.
Elder Call

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