Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas in the MTC

December 25, 2012
hey family how are you guys. i hope you guys are having an awsome christmas. i miss you guys like heck but i am having a blast here so it makes christmas pretty good. agian thatnks for the christmas presents that you guys sent me. the shoes are awsome and really confortable so those will be perfect. thjanks again. i just got back from a devotion where elder russel m nelson spoke. pretty good talk although a little slow but of course the materail was good. nothing can beat elder hollands talk though. he is the best and he just speaks with such authority. still a great spirit in the room though of course because he is a general authority. we got special permission today to write your family so that makes me pretty happy. although tmrw is pday so i will write you guys tmrw as well. mom just have you phone with you in the morning time so that way when i email yiou we can email back and forth like instant meessage. of course if you don't have time i understand. mtc is same old same old. i literally do the same things everyday. the food here is terrible too which doesn't help. i guess the food is bad any where though because i ate like a king back at home. man what i would do for a home cooked christmas meal right now haha. honeslty doens't even feel like christmas though its kinda funny. there jnust is none of the typical christmas things here. there is no christmas music playing everywhere i go and there is no famiuly of mine and no gifts. in a way though i like it. its differnt. its the first christmas i have ever had in my entire life that i can focus completely on christ. i have jno distractions of wordly chirstmas. its cool that i can focus completely on christ and the unbeliavable gift he gave to each of us. its also cool to think about that i am going to be sharing the best gift in the entire world to the people of guatemala. what better gift and message is there then what i am going to be sharing with the wonderful people of guatemala. love you guys and miss you guys kinda haha. i am loving it here i am happy 24/7. so dont worry about me and enjoy christmas. i will email you guys agian tmrw proably in the morning so mom have your phone ready. also i think 3 weeks from today i get to call you guys because that is when i get to leave the mtc.
love you family,
Elder Call

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