Thursday, January 10, 2013

MTC Week 6

December 26, 2012
Hey family how was your christmas? what did everyone get? did everyone get what they wanted from santa? what did you guys do all day? let me tell you about my christmas. well i started of the day with cold cereal for breakfast. then we had a devotional thing with elder russel M nelson. that was awsome by the way. i think i told you guys yesterday that whenever you are in teh same room as an apostle you really do just get an incredible feeling. after that we had a chirstmas lunch. again nothing really that great.after that we had a talent show. that was probably the most fun part of the day. it was cool listenign to people play other music then just church music. my favorite song was probably when elders played the scientist on the piano and the other elder played it on the voilen. that was cool and brought back all the memories i have with you guys listening to coldplay. like on the saturday before i left we had that little coldplay party. such good times. and remember when we just went to that house that keving was watching and like the entire family was playing tennis over there aha what a crazy memory. anyway after the talent show we had a painter come talk to us about his paintings. his name is greg olsen. he really is an incredible painter and i encourage you to look him up he reallly does have some cool peices. so he just pretty much would have his paintings on the screen and would talk about why he drew it and like what the significance of it was. really was cool however you guys know how i feel about art. ya i passed out. fell asleep for like the entire a hour haha but from what i did see it was really cool. after that we had a sack dinner because all the workers in the cafeteria had gone home. after "dinner" we watched a movie called a wonderful life. i can't beleive i havn't seen that movie. im sure one of you guys at home has but i can't beleige we never watched it as a family. i would really recommend looking up that movie and watching it. its a great family movie as well. but ya that was my chirstmas nothing to crazy. just a pretty chill day. definitly one of the strangest christmases in my life. defintily one to remember. the best part of the day though was probaly just focusing on the true meaning of christmas rather then all the other stuff that goes along with it. its crazy to think that i only have 3 more weeks here in the mtc before i actualy go out and teach real people. man i can't wait. time is flying here and i cna't beleive it has been 42 days since i have been here. hope all is well at home and marry christmas


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