Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last week in the MTC

wow family i cant believe it, its my last couple days at the mtc.  i am so ready to get outta this place…holy cow.  i am so sick of people telling you what you can and can´t do all day everyday.  i cant wait until i leave monday for guatemala.  we fly out of SLC at like 8 i think then we have about an hour long flight to LA where we have a 3 hour layover.  we get to guatamala at like 7 the next morning.  so be ready for a call on monday night.  i swear if you don’t answer your phone i am going to flip.  i don´t know who to call, the house, you mom, or dad.  can you please send an email back letting me know which phone to call because i lose a bunch of calling time if the phone isn’t answered.  so please send me an email back today if you can regarding that.  i think i should be getting on my email again today at like 4’ish so i will email you back when i get your email.  are you still sending me a calling card or do i need to buy one in the store here?  again,  just let me know.  i will let you know the exact time of my flight later today because i dont have my itinerary with me right now.  i just got back from the temple and my companion and i did sealings.  i love sealings and the beautiful prayer that goes with it.  it might be the last time i go through the temple for a year or so.  i absolutely love getting letters from the family.  its the best.  let me answer some of your questions. Ben, i am completely jealous about your presents.  santa really treated you well this year.  those headphones sound awesome but i think i would rather have the niners jersey.  man was i jealous to hear that uncle J, dad, and you all have jerseys.  i can see you now cheering your butts of this weekend for the niners.  that’s going to be a tough game.  i have a teacher that i made friends with that is really into football and he tells me all that’s going on.  he is a packers fan and hates the niners so we have a fun little rivalry going on.  unfortunately, he leaves today though to go to san fran.  he is going to the freakin game this weekend…so lucky. anyway im thinking about that and the sweet nike jersey you got. who’s jersey did dad and john get?  willis i’m guessing and maybe gore or is it smith?  anyway, love you and go niners.  oh yea, and email me about the game because i wont be getting any dear elders in guatemala or letters.  email is the easiest way to talk to me.  letters probably take forever to get back. aunt ann, i loved getting your dear elder. man do i miss your sunday dinners they are the best. nothing better then getting a letter from my 2nd mother.  dad congrats on the new calling. hmmm..most important thing for the seniors... read the book of mormon.  you have to read that book, it is the most powerful tool in conversion. it is the most true book of anything else on the planet. it is the keystone of our religion. the book is actually pretty entertaining too.  its really easy to understand for the most part, minus Isaiah, and its really interesting. i have grown to love the book of mormon here. there are lots of other things but i feel like the rest is kind of self explanatory but for me i never realized how important the BOM is.  like don´t get me wrong i knew it was important but elder holland said this, at least i think it was elder holland.  the BOM with the spirit is the most powerful tool in conversion.  i think it is important for the kids in your class also to read the first paragraph and the last 2 paragraphs in the introduction. make sure they read those and go over it with them.  i will keep thinking of good ideas for the class.  i didn´t take a prep class so i kinda don´t know what goes on in there. new years sounded fun. i think the best part of your letter though mom was when you went to the ferry building to get cheese and bread for raclette.  that just sounds like a blast to me. the thing i miss most, besides my family, is the bay area…going into berkeley and san fran.  it doesnt get any better then that.  i mean utah just doesn´t compare at all when it comes to that…not in a million years.  so my next pday i will be emailing you from guat. i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ready to leave this place. it has been awesome and incredible and i have grown so much here but 9 weeks here is a long time especially never being able to leave except to go to the temple.  im so ready to leave.  i feel like my testimony is strong right now. they say the most important part of the mtc is that you convert yourself to the gospel.  you are your first convert.  second is the language.  the language will come but you won´t have 9 weeeks probably ever again in your life to just focus 14 hours a day on your personal growth and testimony.  i feel like my spanish is good.  i can understand everything people say here but when i listen to spanish speakers on the computer from guatemala they just speak so flippin fast.  i can only pick up on a 25 percent probably of what people are saying.  man i am in for a crazy ride this next week!  i can say pretty much anything i want to in church language but in everyday spanish i don´t know that much.  i’ll be able to practice that with my companion though in guatemala.  its been a lot of hard work here and a crazy 9 weeks but i am ready for the show…time to get out and teach. to bring the people of guatemala the best message they will ever hear their entire life.  and being at the temple today doing sealings and thinking that the families that i baptize will be able to hear that ordinance prayer.  the covenants we make in the temple brings me to tears.  i miss you family and love you all.  i will email you again tonight and maybe this time mom you can email me back if you have your phone. write me back please about the questions i asked you guys. i got the card reader too by the way…thanks family.  love you, miss you, and can’t wait to talk to you guys on monday.


elder call 

Elder Krey smith and Gibbs smallest face contest
My other teacher the man. one of my favorite people on this earth. he is moving to San Jose so he will be living by us when i get back. He is the best honestly so positive and has a perfect balance of fun and work. He is such a good guy

My teacher only in the Mormon church would a small little Asian lady trying to be a small little Mexican lady ha ha
my teacher and companion 
These are like my favorite people in my zone elder McIntyre from Fresno ha ha elder Krey elder Dumm from sac town and then me. These guys are the best
Krey, Dumm, and i

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