Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 2

November 28, 2012
hey family how is it going in california. i miss you guys and hope all is well. wow where to start. well the second week at the MTC was WAY easier then the first. this week flew by. there is a saying about time at the MTC. the days go by slow but the weeks go by fast. this is so true i cant even beleive it. the days seem like they take forever i mean they do i am up and having something to be doing every minute for 16 hours a day. the days seem long but not nearly as long as those first couple of days. it is crazy to think that it has already been a week since i wrote you. this week went by soooooo fast. the definite highlight without a doubt of this week is hearing elder holland talk on thanksgiving. that was truely incredible. we have been listening to a lot of talks and watching a lot of talks and elder holland is my favorite so when i heard that he was speaking i was so excited. he is so good at public speaking and getting the crowd involved and he speaks with such authority. authority i would argue nobody else can match. he talkes with so much energy and with such passion. i love how he gets reallty loud and passionate then he humbles himself down to tears when speaking about the savoir. he has such a spirit with him you can literally feel it when he walks in the room. so that was one of the coolest moments of my life. i tell what wasnt one of the greatest moments of my life was thanksgiving in the mtc. the food here blows and thanksgiving dinner all my freindees were like this is pretty good. i was like good? what are you guys eating dog food and canned turkey, potatoes, stuffing, and vegitables for thanksgiving. i didn't actually say that but i wanted to beacause all i coujlde think about was how good our thanksgivbing dinner is. i was also thinking of you guys on friday becasue i would have done anything to go into the city with you. that is just the best. i just got back from the temple like 30 mins ago. i love the temple its like the only 2 hours of the entire week you can acutally relax and the real reason i love it so much is because of the food. the breakfast at the temple is outstanding. but i really do like being in the celestial room it is awsome. wednesday is my p day thats why i am writing hyou guys. I REALLY NEED NEW SHOES. the shoes i got from ross i have the biggest blister on my heel and i can't even walk. i mean you need to write me asap so we can figure this out because i am having to wear my boots everywhere because i cant even walk in my otbher shoes. i am wearing them right now though because i am trying to break them in to see if that makes a difference but really i am in serius pain and that just isn't going to work when i am in guatemala. so if you could talk to angelene or something to see if she can bring me by some new good CONFORTABLE shoes that would make my year. there is no way i am going to be able to wear these shoes for an entire day in guatemal and i can't wear my boots all the time because then they will get worn out. so mom if you could please please please figure out something with angelene to get my new shoes before i leave a week from today i will be so greatful. i am a size 11 shoe. by the way angeline sends me so many packages its great. but i need new shoes hah i cant get my mind off of that thought. the mtc is great though. i am still having a blast(until i have to walk) and i love every second of it. ya it is hard work but i have such a good district that it makes learning really easy. spanish is starting to come along and i am beginning to start to be able to talk and understand more. i am in very nervous though about leaving to guatemala in a week from today. my spanish isnt that good. a week from today it will be pday and i think i should be writing you again that day but if i dont its ok because i am going to call you from the airport that night. we fly out of salt lake at like 8 i think then have a lay over at LAX. so i will probaly give you a call arouind like 11 pm or 6pm. i wan't to call you from salt lake becasues that way i can talk to ella and charles but i will call hyou again that night from LAX. it is going to talk like 11 hours to get to guatemala. we fly out of salt lake at 8 and then a layovber in lax for i cant remember how long but we get to guatemala at 7am the next day. i am going to be exhuasted. i was made travel leader for the kids going. there is like 10 of us so i have a huge responsiblily on my hands. no just kidding i was made leader probably beacause my name is first in the alphabet. ya but be expecting a call about a week from today and another email hopefully a week from today. i only have like 30 mins to write you so thats why there is a lot of typos and its not as long as you hope mom im sure. so let me just emphazize again i need new shoes before i leave so mom please talk to someone who can bring them by to me. did ben get his letter? i sent one for him. write me as much as yhou can i love and cherish all those letters. they are the best and they usually come right when i need them most. i have met a bunch of great people and it is torture not being able to "flirt" with the cute sisters haha. it is such a weird change being missionary and really quite stressful at times when you are tinking that you are supposed to act as if you were christ himself because you are representing him and spreading HIS gospel. that is a constant reminder to me. its weird this mission isn't isnt about me. it is 100 about saving human beings souls and spreading christs church. i can recieve blessing for doing so but at the end of the day none of this is abiout me it is about changing peoples lives and helping them feel a happiness taht they have never felt. this church is amazing and i can't believe i am a missionary acting in christ place. i am doing exactly what chirst would do if he was on this earth and that is what i need to remember. be kind to the less forunate and i love all of so much i can't even take it. send me letters. goodbey

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