Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fam Bam (week 44)

Wow so Kessler was fired I feel bad but man I’m not surprised.  I’m actually surprised it took this long to do it haha.  Ya so I loved your letters this week like always and they always keep me motivated when I know I have the support back home. Grandpa Brown is so funny.  I can´t believe he is still riding that motorcycle haha. He is the best.
Ya so in case you guys haven’t seen the calendar I hit a year this last week. 1 year.. how in the world has it been 1year since I was at home?  For me the year has gone byyyyy soooo fast. Like 1 year to be honest literally feels like I have been gone for 3 months nada mas. The time is flying by. Ya me voy. haha bromas I still have so much time left haha.  To answer your question mom its nuts speaking a different language. It’s weird I don´t have to think to speak either now.  It’s just who I am.  It’s dope though  switching from Spanish to English like a million times a day.  Crazy though when you think about it and I love it. Ya so the reason that I am writing you today is because I went to Coban yesterday so my comp could go down to the cap to sign his visa thing. Ya so I stayed in Coban for 2 nights which was great because I got to see all my friends. Man I passed my old area on the way to Coban and I miss it so much. I love every one of the areas I have had sooo much.  I freaking miss Coban. It’s soo cold there and I love it because I’m freaking sick of the heat haha.   So my area is great though out here in Cubulco and I will be going to Cubulco again this week. I will be moving from Rabinal to Cubulco. My comp and I just need to find a new house.  Man I love Cubulco but we are having some trouble there right now. We have 8 people right now who want to get baptized and none of them can. 2 families because they can’t get married and 4 people can’t get permission from their family members.  We need your prayers out here because I need a miracle.  All 8 of them attend church and want to get baptized… it’s tough. Ya so that’s the latest on my area.  I love the mission. I really do it’s the best. It makes me kinda sad knowing I only have a year left.  I know that that is soo much time but it goes by soo fast haha. Love you all and can´t wait to hear from you next week.
Elder call

we freaking bought a giant ice cream cake for my 1 year.  i though that it was going to be cake and ice cream but it was all ice cream in the shape of a cake.  we bought the biggest one that had 15 portions and we ate it all with 3 people. i wanted to puke and i promised myself i was never going to eat ice cream again we will see how long that will last.


when i saw this thing it reminded me of elder rojas haha

burned a white shirt for my year that's the tradition in the mission. tie at 6 months and shirt at a year

living in guat is like having the circus at your house all day. like look how incredible this is. those things are huge and heavy haha

some weird freakin dance that i still don´t understand why they do it

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good Week (week 43)

Thanks for the letters guys they are always the best. Man Ella sounds so grown up now. It makes me want to cry. I still think she is like 6 and Charlie is like 2 haha. I am glad to hear that srv killed mv as well. It’s the truth though guys, we have the best leaders in the church ever. Pres stone and bish miner are the best. I’m convinced that there is no one more kind and loving then those two men. I’m serious, I never realized how great they are until I came here. haha It’s just something that our entire district down here is lacking and that is good leadership. I will have to give you more details about it when I get back to the states. Really though, they are the best and such good examples of the type of people I want to be.
Let me think this week was kinda nuts. The days go by soo freakin fast because I have to work in 2 areas. It’s a blast though and I am loving every second of it. My comps are great as well and we have so much fun together. The mission is such an adventure. So I have a couple of great stories to tell you guys. Well I always throw rocks at dogs because there are millions of them and I think it’s just the best. 1. Well elder aybar never did it. One time we were walking on the street and he picked up a rock and threw it and just about killed the dog. He was a pitcher back in the republic in baseball and that kid has a freakin arm. It was so funny because I had never seen him throw anything and he threw it and it just about killed the dog. I laughed for like a year. 2. We were making tortillas at a members house and she suggested buying the stuff to make tortillas at our house because she thinks our tortillas are terrible. haha So she bought a bunch of massa and a plate to cook it on, wood and 2 bricks and we made tortillas at our house. Soo fun but. they are the ugliest tortillas in the entre world but they taste the same. The hardest part though was getting the fire started because the wood she gave us was wet. haha It took us 1 and a half hours to get it going but ya we finally did and we made bomb tortillas with cheese. haha. 3. We had a baptism Saturday up at a waterfall in our area and it was dope. Well I was hopping from rock to rock because it was fun. Well I underestimated my athletic abilities and tried to hop from a small rock to a bigger rock that was like 10 feet above the water and I ate it. Ya I fell into the water that was like 4 feet deep and practically had to swim out. I was soaked and uncomfortable and everybody was making fun of me. haha I had to give a talk in front of like 30 people and I was soaking wet. haha. That was funny. Oh and I broke my belt also when I fell and my pants just fall off because I have lost so much weight. So I was talking with one hand holding up my pants and my scriptures in the other. It was horrible. We got back to the house and I had to run over to the market to buy another belt because my pants are just huuuuuggge now haha. Oh freak also we did service Saturday and we ate like soup with chicken foot. I had to give myself a pep talk and tell myself I could do it. The people who gave it to us told us we didn’t need to eat it but I was like no I’ll eat it don’t worry. Well when I got the foot I took a little nibble and saw the dirty skin hanging from my mouth and a little toe bone and gagged. I freaking gagged right in front of them. I felt horrible and here they are eating this foot like it’s some sort of a delicacy. I felt like crap and to be honest I still do. That’s something I won’t forget haha. Ya so basically the mission is the best really it is. It’s awesome knowing that I am a representative of Christ and I’m doing exactly what he would be doing if he was here right now on the earth. I love feeling the spirit in my life so much and feeling at peace with the decisions I make every day. Wickedness never was happiness it’s so true. I’m happier than I have ever been and I’m in some little town in guat teaching people about Jesus. It’s the best. It’s nuts but it’s the best. Love you all and have a good week and remember that our choices now affect all of eternity. That’s a really long time so choose the right.

Elder call

security guard for the alcalde with a gun haha

dinner at robertos house

this is how aybar sleeps every night because i told him that our house has bad spirits which is true. it really does but he is so freakin scared haha so funny

look at guats attempt at having a good name for pizza super ok. like what super ok. your kidding me super means like incredible and ok means like not good or not bad like soo funny. i die laughing at this every day.

stuart and i tortillaring in our house haha

the baptism and i'm soaking wet with a broken belt haha

stuart baptizing

today at some like sugar factory museum thing

san geranimo

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fam Ban (week 42)

Ya so loved your letters as always. Man I’m glad you guys had a good Halloween. I’m glad kev went over as well. haha I freakin love that kid and think about the crazy stuff we did right before I left. haha I can´t believe that was a year ago. I’m glad to hear that ben hasn´t changed at all and is still breaking everything haha.
Ya so this week was nuts. It started off nuts because on Sat like I told you my kid was having a change and that was completely unexpected. Ya so I went to Salama to go get my new kid. His name is Elder Aybar. I think he is a good guy but I’m not really sure because he doesn´t talk and when he does I can barely understand him because of his thick accent. Rojas I could understand easily but elder Aybar is fresh from the Republica and has not lost his accent at all haha. Ya so he is really quiet really really quiet. Ya so we worked together for 1 day when the zone leaders called me Thursday morning telling me I had an emergency change to the area right next to mine... Rabinal. There were 2 elders there in that area and we all go to church together Sunday. One of the elders there hurt his knee super bad Monday and went to Coban to get medical help. Well he can´t walk for like a month so I had to move to Rabinal with my kid. Elder Brito is the one who got hurt and he had a kid also Elder Stuart that you have probably seen in my pics. Ya so I am finishing the training of Elder Stuart and starting the training of Elder Aybar. It’s nuts haha. Ya so they called us Thursday in the morning and told us that within 2 hours we had to have all of our stuff packed and ready to move houses. We had to move everything because we had to move out of our house in Cubulco anyway. We had some problems with the landlord. Well basically she is a witch and has a wandering eye for every man in Cubulco. Ya she has a rep in Cubulco and it isn´t a good one and so we had to get out of there before something happened to us. So like I said we had to pack everything that we had. We also had to find a pickup and a place to put all of our crap like fridge tables dressers beds and other stuff because we are going to move back to Cubulco at some time. It will probably be next change but we need to find a new house. Ya so that was nuts. We had so much stuff we needed to do in such little time. Ya but we did it even though I lost like all my hair because it was so much pressure. Ya so we are officially in Rabinal Elder Stuart Elder Aybar and me. I officially have 3 kids in the mission Elder Stuart Elder Aybar and Elder Fitzgerald. Ya so it’s a ton of work right now because we have to work in the 2 areas. We are expected to have good stats for the 2 areas but we have half of the time to work in Cubulco. Especially since the better part of our investigators we could only visit at night but the last bus to go back to Rabinal from Cabulco is at like 6. So we have lost a bunch of good investigators which totally blows. Ya it’s all good though the lord knows that we can do it so I feel fine even though it’s a ton of work. haha 2 kids training at the same time. I need to help them be the best missionaries they can be and work in 2 areas and I’m opening 1 of the 2 areas and be responsible for my district haha. Ya it’s a ton of work but it’s a lot of fun at the same time. I love the mission and wouldn´t trade this time for anything. Really it’s the best. I know the church is true and it’s so motivating thinking that I’m doing the lords work and not mine. Love you all and can’t wait to talk to you in a month and a half. Have a good week.
Love elder call

My comp and me

my comps. we were doing service and had to get all these sticks and dry plants and burn them and i was like that's fun but it would be more fun if we built a giant bonfire and lit it up. so that's we did a huggggggeeee bonfire it was dope haha