Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hola from the CCM! ( Week 1)

November 21, 2012
Hey family i am officially done with my first week at the MTC. Thus far it has been an awsome. the first day was solid and i was pumped and ready to learn. i met my companion shortly after i arrived here and his name is elder smith from murry UT. he is a super cool guy and we get along great. he was a swimmer in high school and has always wanted to serve a mission. we get along great and we really compliment each other and our teaching styles go great together. there are really 2 things in my mind that really stick out about the CCM so far. 1 the spirit is sooooo strong here it is insane. like you just feel the spirit all day everyday. you can feel the spirit working on you even when you are trying to learn the language. its safe to say i have never felt the spirit so much and so strong in my life. 2 everybody farts here its hilarous. it is no joke like i thought it was just all talk heaing it from other missionaries but it is no joke. it is so funny and is disgusting. the food in the cafeteria blows. at first i was eating the food but then i was like this is crap food and is crap for you so why would i eat it so now i just eat these salad rap things. my campanoin and i are on a eat healthy plan currently and are on day 2. haha so far so good. my spanish class is probaly the most fun part of the day. MY TEACHER IS THE BEST!!!! his name is hermano cameron. he is from south jordon utah. he has a super high voice and talks sooo fast its so funny. he is just a really fun guy and makes learing spanish fun and easy. well actually not easy but he makes it more fun. i feel like my spanish is coming along ok. i can say basic stuff like getting to know someone and stuff and then like church stuff too like praying and bearing my testimony. i think that the spanish is going to be the hardest part of my mission but the good news is that i can already speak way more and have learned way more spanish then i did in the 4 years i took in school. the spirit really helps you to stay calm and patient and really helps you obsorb all that you can. now to my district. its made up of 10 guys and i couldn't be more happy with. they are all so great in there own way. we all have so much fun. we learn when we need to learn. and when we laugh boy do we laugh. it is so great i love every1 of those guys. i have 2 guys from the district that i am better freinds with then others besides my companion. there names are elder shampagn from south jordon and elder krey from brentwood. where to start with elder champagne. he is a goofball. he is honeslty one of the funniest kids i have ever met he is hilarous. just the way he says stuff and he looks so funny. like yesterday he said he could beat me in a race so of course i was having none of that and i told him i could beat him. he is like 6 foot 2 and 150 pounds he is so skinny. so anyway we raced and i was killing him. we were racing on this track inside and there are weight machines lined up along the track. i was killing him and i passed the finish line and i look back and hear him yell. he had tripped at the last second and summersauled and went spread eagle right into the bar of one of the weight machines. i have never laughed that hard in my entire life it was unreal. i had to pinch myself to make sure it happned. so anyway turns out he like bruised his pelvis or something and could hardly sit down. the funniest part of it all though is that he was just making fun of himself. he went on to tell me taht he is that 1 percent of the population that has terrible luck. he started telling me all these stories about his bad luck. like the time he flipped a 3 wheeler motercycle in front of all his freiends when he was trying to make it up a hill. the rest of gym time that day he was just telling me all these stories for like 30 mins and i didn't stop laughting the entire time. so thats elder champagne., he is the man. then there is elder krey who is from brentwood. we become freinds just because we are both from cali and from the bay. he graduated in 2011 and went to a year at BYU he is a super good kid is a jock just like i am. it is so funny we have the same opinions on everything. he also is super cocky like kev whcih i thing is just so funny. he is also a golfer and played in high school. he is like a 4 handicap and we always talk about pebble beach because he has played there before too. those 2 elders just i have grown especially close too but i love every1 in the district. there is this 1 kid elder brown. he is a unique guy. he grew up with nothing and both his parents are alcoholics. he was involed with gangs his entire life pretty much otherwise he would just get made fun of and beat up. he is like 4 foot 8 swear and says like 4 words a day but this kid has got a testimony like i havn't heard before. it is just the sweetest storie i have ever heard. he problems learing and is also blind in 1 eye. he gives it everything he has though and has such a postive outlook on life. the kid just radiates with the spirit it is unbelievable. he rooms with me as well as his companion elder page. i really like elder page too. its crazy i love every1 in my district and they are all so funny but we know when we can laugh and when we need to work. our branch presidentcy is hilarous as well the president wears a wig so like none of us can take him series and 1 of his counselers looks like chris farley i cannot even look at them or else i will laugh. the first couple days felt like 4 or 5 days in just 1 day they wiould go by sooooo slow but now they ares starting to go by really fast. when you are feeling the spirit all day everyday the time just flies it is crazy. being in this place just makes me realize how stupid everything else in my life is like nothing else matters besides this and family. this place is lots of hard work but i soo much fun. and my district makes everything so much fun. write me tons of letters i love them and i love all the letters from my aunts and uncles about there missions whenever i am having a tough time i just read a couple of those stories. you guys are the best and i love all of you so much. i miss you guys so much but the days are going by so fast here now and i love it. send me letters so that i can have you addresses so i can write you back. again i love all of you guys and i miss you guys. this is going to be such a good 2 years and i am so exited. only have 30 mins to type later

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