Thursday, January 10, 2013

MTC Week 4

December 12, 2012
hey, so let me answer some of your questions real quick. dad, yes there is diet coke but it is caffeine free so its kind of not the same but still gets the job done. mom, ignore all of ankenmans health emails. i’m not going to get sick, my immune system is flawless, and i have the lord too so don't worry about that. i cannot believe elder may’s story…his story is truly incredible…i honestly can't believe it…it’s just insane. seriously, i don't know how he turned out like he did with all of that stuff that happened in his life. there is no better place for him then being on his mission. dad, i’m so proud that you finished your marathon even with a hurt achilles. the achilles is like the worst thing you can hurt. let me know how it is feeling and if you can still run. i just can't believe that some old guys (john and you) can run a marathon. seriously, such a cool story about how john carried you and you both just helped each other get to the finish line. dad, i liked when you said in the last letter i got from you that i’ll be serving in places where no other person has served before. that is seriously just so cool to think about. if i end up serving up in the way north part of the country with the mayan tribes, there is probably a good chance some of those people have never seen a white person. nobody ever goes up there. such an unexplored piece of the earth. those mayan tribes are living like they lived 1000 years ago. its crazy to think that i am going to be teaching the lamanites themselves. i could quite literally be teaching in the same exact spot christ taught some 2000 years ago. its crazy to think that thought and i am just a representative of jesus christ doing exactly (or trying to) what christ would do if he was on this earth. seriously, that’s just a crazy thought. dad its about time they get rid of the coach at cal…they sucked this year. hopefully the new cal coach will get kline in there next year and get maynord out of there…that kid is garbage. i think that i would like to play rugby at BYU when i get back if i could play anywhere. i would love to play at cal but there aren’t that many mormons and its also 25000 more a year. i would love to play rugby at byu when i get back…that would be the best. crazy to think that i am half way done with my stay here at the mtc as of today…my experience here is flying by. nothing really too exciting happened this week, just kinda more of the same…class all day pretty much. we had a member of the 70 speak to us last night which was really cool. word on the street is that a member of the first presidency is going to speak to us on christmas. what an experience that will be. i have been writing grandpa brown a lot too. i told him about how elder holland spoke to us and of course grandpa knows him. grandpa said he asked a favor from him a few months back. thats so cool how grandpa knows him that personally. can i ask you guys to do me a favor please? if you could send me kevin’s address that would be awesome because i really want to write him and see how he is doing. tell ben to write me, i haven’t received a letter from ben since i wrote him last and i love hearing from him. also if you guys could keep up the letters that would be great. seriously, the only thing i have to look forward to is the end of the day when i get to see if you guys wrote me a letter. your letters are the best and keep me positive. i don't care about what is in them. it could just be what you did that day or something, but i really love hearing about how life is at home. the only thing i want for christmas is letters, socks, and shoes. oh, and could you guys also thank the nearon family for sending me a christmas card…that was really nice of them to do that. again, all is well with me and i am having a lot of fun and learning an absolute ton. i miss you guys so much and i hope all is well at home. i love you guys and i can't wait to hear from you again soon.

elder call
oh yea, also go and listen to the song come thou fount of every blessing. its by far my favorite hymn and brings me to tears every time.

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