Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Transfer 13 Week 4 (week 74)

Family loved your letter this week. I cannot believe that its summer in the states… that’s so crazy to me. Here it just rains and it is overcast all the days so it all feels the same. I saw the blue sky the other day and I forgot how beautiful it is.  I am super jealous about the high adventure trip. That was the best like so fun that trip. I will never forget it ever. I remember having my carnival at rancho as well haha I had it up the street at like some old house or something. Glad to hear everything is good at home.

This week was a good one. The work is good in our area besides the fact that mundial has started. Nobody wants to listen to us if a world cup game is going on.  We found a couple new investigators this week but we need to find more. We are focusing on finding the investigators that god has prepared for us to teach.  The best thing that happened this week was the baptism that we had Saturday. Jefferson and Edson are the best and I was so happy to see them get baptized.  We visited them a bunch of times this week to make sure that we had taught them everything and that they were ready for the baptism interview.  They did great though.  Another highlight of the week was when we were talking with their dad. I don’t know if you remember like 2 weeks ago he was so stressed that he looked like he was going to die. I have never seen anyone look like that in my life. He didn’t have work and he was on the verge of losing everything that they have. Well basically like I told you guys we talked with him and told him that he needs to repent and remember god not only in the bad times but in the good like Pres. Uchtorf  instructed us in the last conferencia general.  We promised him a bunch of stuff and told him that he would find work if he went to church and prayed and tried to follow the commandments. Well he did just that.  He has been gone for 13 days from here and came back Friday. We talked to him and he told us that he tried to pray more and remember god. He told us that like 2 days later he was offered 3 different works. He was offered so much that he had to choose. It was a complete miracle. When we talked to him he looked so happy. We need to help him realize that that was a complete miracle and he needs to thank god a lot. That was one of the coolest lessons of my mission. Such a testimony builder that god answers our prayers and cares about us. Such a miracle and that is just one of the reasons why the mission is the best. At the baptismal service Daniel also went. Daniel is the joven that we found last Sunday. He is super pilas.  He loved the baptism interview and said that he is now even closer to getting baptized. We just need to help him react on his answers to his prayers. He also went to church and loved it as well. Really just such a great week.  I love Octavio so much and his family. We need to baptize him and his wife now. The only problem is that we can only teach him like every 2 weeks because of his work.  Ya so pray for him and his family as well as for Daniel.  Love the mission so much and I look forward for every new day. The only bad thing is the days are going by soo fast. Oh pray for my comp as well he is having a really hard time right now. He just got diagnosed for an eye problem that basically means he is going blind. Not immediately but over the years he will go blind and his best friend died this week. So pray for him he needs it.  Love you all so much. I’m so grateful for the church and the things it teaches us. I love Jesus Christ. I love god for sending him to this earth to be humiliated spit on and tortured for our sins. Mom if you think it was hard to send me on the mission imagine how god felt. I love the teachings of Jesus and teaching them to other people.  The mission is the best. I hope you all have a good week. Love you all and stay safe.

Elder call

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