Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Una Semana Buena (week 78)

I loved charlies baptisms story that was just the best. i wish that happened to my investigators when they get baptized haha.  I'm so happy that charlie chose to do that on his 8 birthday. i was thinking about charlie all day and i even shared the story of him getting baptized with some of my investigators. it was great. that's so fun that you got to go to the city and stay in the apartment. that sounds like a blast and i would love to live in the city as a young couple. have a family there would be tough unless i was loaded and could afford the good schools haha but that would be so fun.

My week was good. we found a couple great new familes that i am really excited to start teaching. they were references from the other missionaries. they are really receptive and just want to go to church. the only problem though is that the husband works so that is chafa because he works on sunday. his wife and there cuñado are going to go to church with us though this next sunday.  it was a really powerful lesson with them though and it was great. they are a young couple and just got married a few months ago. they love their little family and want to be with them forever. we were asking questions to the parents and what they want to be and how they want there kids to be. i told them about how great my parents were in teaching me to follow christ. i almost started crying in the lesson because i am soooooooooooooooo grateful for your examples. i am grateful for they love you gave me and all the things you have taught me.  i promised him that if he was living the gospel with his wife and applying the teachings of christ in their home that everything was going to turn out fine. maybe not perfect. there family was not going to be perfect  but they will be alright. they will be happy and one day if one of their kids turned into a rebel would remember the example of his padres. i wasn't a full out rebel but i was in high school and i will always remember the impact my mother and father had on my life and for their outstanding examples.  ya so i shared that with the family and the spirit was just soo strong. it was a fantastic first lesson.  another kind of good thing that happened this week happened with daniel. he wants to get baptized in rabinal and wants us to be at his baptism. we told him that we cant go to rabinal. he said he wanted to talk to the pres and ask for his permission haha. so he had an interview with pres and well turns out that he lives like 1 block out of our area so we not only can go to his baptism in rabinal but we cant even baptize him in our ward. he is going to have to get baptized in the the other ward here in coban. it sucks. i don't feel that bad for me though because it was with us that he accepted to be baptized and accepted the gospel but i'm sad for him because he is going to have to go to another ward to get baptized. the good thing though is that the pres said that if he gets baptized here in coban we can go to his baptism. so that was sweet and sour. he is going to get baptized but its kinda bad news because he has to go to another ward.  those are just about the most important things that have happened to us this week. it was a good week but a little crazy because of mundial but thank goodness that is over and we can teach like normal. i am just so grateful for your example mom and dad and for everything that you have done for me. i will forever be grateful and i love you both so much. charlie you are the best and i cant wait to see you in less than 4 months. ya i hit 20 months today not that i am counting. love you all and have a great week.

sorry there are no fotos this week my computer blows haha

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