Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ya Me Voy (week 75)

Hey family loved your letter mom this week. I’m happy to hear that Benjamin and dad returned safely from their trip. I hope that it was as fun as the last high adventure.  So crazy that it is summer back home because it doesn’t feel like summer out here at all haha

This week was alright for us. We found a lot of new investigators but we don’t have a whole lot progressing. We have some good possibilities but they don’t want to accept fechas right now.  We had a fecha that was going to get baptized in a couple of weeks but he left to some aldea like 4 hours from here to work and is not sure when he is going to come back.  It’s tough but it’s ok because I know that the lord will help us to find more people that are willing to progress. We found a good family this week as well we only taught them lesson 1.It was a really tough lesson at first because there was just so many distractions it was crazy. There were kids running all over the place and finally they calmed down though and we were able to teach a good lesson. The guy, whose name is hector, told us that he just wants to join the true church but doesn’t know where it is. That’s a good sign haha but he just needs to put himself pilas read pray and go to church and he will find it out soon. He doesn’t like how in all the other churches the pastors are making money. He is like that is not what the bible says. Church shouldn’t be a paying job haha oh well hector good news nobody in the church is making money in their callings. I just loved saying that haha. The other good thing this week is that Daniel is reading his book of Mormon mucho and is praying, he says he has some questions that he needs to ask us. Also a good sign because he wants to learn more and actually cares.  Oh the other good thing that happened this week is if found out that in Salama they baptized somebody that elder Garcia and I found and taught a lot and also in San Cristobal. This Saturday the elders in San Cristobal baptized Rosa. She was somebody elder Bonillo and I found and taught but she never progressed so we left her but put a progress report in the area book. The elders of San Cristobal found that report found her and then like 2 weeks later she was baptized. That just gives me so much drive to work harder in this work. We never know what is going to happen with the people that we teach even know I taught here like 9 months ago.  I love the mission.  My comp is the best and is doing better.  Love you all so much. I hope and pray that you are all striving to obey the commandments. Keeping them is the only way that we can be truly be happy.  Whether that means not buying on Sunday or not telling little lies… it doesn’t matter. Commandments are commandments and we should willingly keep them because we love god.  Love you all so much and I pray for you every night.

Elder Call

we cooked breakfast as a zone today it was dope haha

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