Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Fourth of July (week 77)

Let me start by telling you all that our country in by far the best in the world. there is just no place like the states. i mean thailand and guat are great haha but the states is on another level. i am so prideful to be an american. the states is great and i celebrated the 4th by wearing my u.s. flag tie almost the entire day. the thing is before lunch we left to go work and i forgot it was the 4th of july so i had to go back to the house and change my tie so i could celebrate the states birthday. i am so happy to hear that not so little anymore charlie is going to get baptized. that makes me so happy. your 4th of july sounded like paradise really and like that is a dream day for me. im so happy that you all had a good week.

Wow as for me it was a good week. i don't have a change so that's good news. that means i'm going to have a 3rd change with my best friend in the mission like how does that happen haha. i'm happy and ready to kill it with him again. the funnest thing that happened this week is when my comp and i went to the cap to get some medical examines. we left at like 2 in the madrugada and got there at like 7. we got there early so we took advantage of the time and headed over to walmart. sketchy mom if you had a 100th of a clue what happens in the capital you would have never let me come to this mission hahah. i will have to tell you some stories when i get back haha.. pure lamanites. ya but walmart was quite the adventure and i bought a couple of treats that came from the states and i was happy. the hospital where we were at was right behind the temple and it was just the coolest view of the temple. we left to come back to coban thursday. so we had to spend the night on wednesday and i saw my friend that i really wanted to see as well. i was thrilled. ok so that was the funnest part of the week because we were left free to roam the cap haha. now the most satisfying part of the week was sunday. daniel came to church which was fantastic as well as the brother of marcia. marcia is soooo pilas still. she visits with the sister missionaries always and reads the book of mormon more than i do haha. love her. ya so her brother just came back from the cap. he went to church with us. that afternoon we taught him and put a baptism date with him. he is going to get baptized the 2nd of August. it was awesome and i thank the lord daily for the blessings he gives my comp' and i. that's basically a sure baptism because he is super motivated to get baptized and his sister marcia just gives him sincho using the book of mormon and the scriptures that she has read recently. its fantastic. marcia is going to be a killer missionary.  now we also talked with daniel after church. we answered his doubts. we also put a fecha for the 26 of this month with him. he is so pilas as well. like it is so funny because he answers all the questions in the classes during church and comments and stuff like that even though he isn't a member and he is just learning. he is so pilas its awesome. so the work this week was great. overall just a great week. i'm kinda sad though because one of my good friends is leaving to go home but i will see him at byu so thats ok. just know family that i love you all so much and i pray for you all.please please please just choose the right even though it can be hard. you will be more happy and will enjoy the blessings god will give you.  pray always and always read the scriptures. love you all and have a great week

the temple 

some valcano in thecap

elder lauritzen my freind in the cap

A note to Charlie....

Charlie i just want you to know how happy i am for your decision to follow our savior jesus christ. i want you to know that i love jesus. i want you to know that i really try to follow his example. It makes me sooooo happy that you love jesus and want to follow his example as well.  If you can charlie right down how you feel after your baptism in journal so that you can one day show people in your mission how you felt when you were baptized. i love you so much and i wish i was there to support you on such a special day. I love you charlie and pray for you everyday.

your brother,

Elder Call

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