Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Good Week (week 73)

I loved your letters as always family and so good to hear that everything is good back home. Love that the fam is in the pool all day every day. That’s the best and such fun memories back home.  There is nothing like a summer night swimming in the pool, a bbq, and then just talking outside by the fire… that’s the best.  

This week was overall pretty good. The weather here has been a little rough though and it just rains all day every day. We are just soaking wet all day. It’s all good though because I prefer that over the extreme heat in Salama or Peten. Plus with all the rain it just makes everything so green here in Coban. This place is just soo beautiful and I wish you could all see where I am chosen to serve. You guys should see were I am serving it’s the best.  The highlight of this last week was Sunday. We were sitting down in sacrament meeting when a joven came in that we have never seen before.  We invited him to come sit by my comp and I.  We found out that the elders in Rabinal had found him. They found out that he is interested in the church and found out that he is living in Coban because he studies here. So the elders of Rabinal gave him our names and told him where the church is. His name is Daniel and this is an investigator of gold.  He just wants to know where the true church of Jesus Christ is. Well he found it haha. During the classes at church he was answering questions and stuff during the class. The teacher was like are you baptized or is this your first time here? He was like this is my first time here. The teacher was like you need to get baptized haha.  Ya so he is just super pilas. He is a super dedicated 18 year old who wants to find direction in his life. After church we had just a fantastic lesson with him. We taught him about the restauracion and about el libro de mormon. It was just a great lesson. We were able to help him answer his doubts. He still has a lot of questions but with time and prayer he will receive answers. We sent him a text message Sunday night asking if he had finished his lectura en the book of mormon. He said yes and that he started reading it from the beginning. He is so pilas.  I have had very few investigators like that.  Ya so if he does what we say and prays he is for sure going to get baptized. This next Saturday we have 2 baptisms planned with Edson and Jefferson. They should get baptized but they still need to learn some things so if they do not get baptized this week for sure the week after.  All is well right now in the mission. I am loving it and wouldn’t trade this time for anything.  I love teaching people about Christ. It’s the most satisfying thing I have ever done.  I love studying the scriptures and look forward to it every morning. The church is so true and I love it. Love you all back home and hope you all have a good week.

Elder Call

dad for this sunday happy fathers day. eres lo mejor y  estoy tan agredicido con mi padre celestial que eres mi padre. veo tantos padres aca en guatemala y no son nada a tu lado. siempre tuve tu apoyo en todo que hice. fuiste paciente conmigo y mis errores. mas que todo algo que no comprendi y no me di cuanta antes es que eres fiel y recto en la iglesia.  no sabes que tan agredecido estoy por eso. que pudiste en cualquier momento darme un bendicion.  veo tantos personsas aca sin padres y veo muchos en la iglesia que no son dignos de tener el sacerdocio. te quiero tanto y pienso en tu ejemplo mucho en mi vida. te quiero papa y ten feliz dia 

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