Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Changes on Saturday (week 76)

Hey family enjoyed your letters this week as always and i don't take them for granted believe me. i enjoy them and i am grateful that you all take time out of your busy days to write me something. mom those pictures that you took of ella diving into the pool are great those just bring back great memories. too bad that when i come home it will be too cold to go swimming  but that's alright.

ya so this is the last week of the change. i cant believe it. how has 6 weeks gone by so fast like where has the time gone. really i don't get it. how have i been out of Salama now for 3 months. when i think about it i just get confused haha.  this Saturday i will find out if i have a change or not.  i don't think i will... i think that if anyone has a change it will be my comp but i don't think that he will have a change either. we are having a lot of success together and our zone is doing really well as well. who knows though its hard to predict what the lord wants but this Saturday i will find out. if i do have a change though i think its 90 percent sure i go back to Peten. man i want nothing more to go back to Peten that would be the best. to be honest though i don't want to leave this area right now though not until we baptize Octavio and his wife Claudia. we had a great lesson with them this week. we taught the law of chastity to them and committed them to get married. when they learned that law they didn't even think about it they just said alright we will get married and we will let you know when. perfect so they are going to get married i just hope to death that it is soon. i really love that family so much like sooo soooo sooo much. they are just the best and they love us so much. that's also the problem though because if one of us has a change they said that they don't know if they are going to be able to trust another missionary. god knows though what will happen so i'm not too worried about it. they are progressing though so that's the good part. this Friday they also invited us to eat pizza. it was awesome. octavio said that ever since we started visiting them everything in their lives has gotten better so he said the least he can do is buy us pizza hut. it was awesome haha and that never happens here because almost everyone we visit lives in a dirt shack. he is the only person that is progressing that makes a good amount of money. he would be just a fantastic leader in the church. ya so i just love love love that family so much. edson and jefferson their kids went to the temple this week as well. they loved it and said it was awesome. that's just fantastic for them and they will not ever forget that. speaking of leaders i don't know if i told you this but christian and oneda who was one of the families we baptized in cubulco are still active. christian is going to get his patriarchal blessing soon and is president of the young men. basilio alverez the inactive that we found is president of the elders quorum. so ya the people that i found and taught are all doing great in cubulco. that includes adan and maribell and joselyn and reina y erik as well. the only one who isn't active is jose and it is because his parents don't allow him to go to church. at least that what he says it makes me sad but i cant do anything.  ya so life right now is great. love the mission my comp my mission president and everything else haha. i hope all is well at home.  remember that you all have the gift of the holy ghost. god has promised you that another god will be with you at all times if you are living worthily and i cant really think of anything better than that. be worthy repent pray and do whats right. eternity is a really long time.  love you all and have a good week

the best picture of these are some really ridiculous shoes that we bought in the market today because we are going to give them to elder garcia for his birthday haha so funny we always made fun of him before because he always put on like these crocodile shoes that are so ridiculous with a point on the toes that could kill dogs hahaha so its just a big joke and we are going to give him these shoes later tonight haha.  

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