Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Letter (week 62)

Love getting your letters every week they give me animo to work hard the following week. I love how you guys always go into San Francisco that is just the best. I know I say it every week but if you just take a look at the pictures you sent me last week of the golden gate on crissy fields you just realize how spoiled we are for where we live. That’s just unheard of.  I love it.

Well this week was really tiring. (I have no idea how to spell that)  I can’t remember why but my comp and I were on the phone the entire week at all hours of the day.  I hardly slept. The work in our area is going ok. The family that we were teaching by our house now wants just about nothing to do with it. They just changed all of a sudden when they got back from the capital. They are Catholics and so I think that some members of their family said something. I’m super sad because I know that they know the church is true but they don’t want to change. It’s sad but we will move on. Now for Gilberto ya like I said he is gone as well but we are teaching one of his kids. His daughter’s really good friend is a member of the church so that could be a good possibility for the future.  Cindy the little girl that we had a fecha with is going ok. The people that she works with are not a good influence on her at all. Her dad supports us teaching her but the people where she works say only bad things about the Mormon church so that is a big problem that she is going through right now. We are praying super hard for her and that she can recognize the veracidad of our message. Now for the good… we are teaching a reference that a member gave to us her name is Marlin. She is living with the members right now because she is working down here in Salama. She is super super receptive and is great. We have a fecha with her right now and she is assisting church as well. Right now she is doing great but like all investigators there is always always a problem so we are just praying that we will find that out now sooner then later so we can figure out what we can do to help her. We are also teaching an investigator named Amisaday. He is sooooooo pilas but he cannot get baptized right now because he is living with another girl and that girl is married so they cannot get married.  The good news is that my comp knows a lawyer who lives in Coban that always helps the missionaries in these types of situations so we called her and she is going to start to help us get them divorced faster. That’s the majority of our good investigators right now. We have others but just are not progressing as fast. We need to find lots of new investigators though this next week so we have some good investigators for April.  That’s the work in our area and the things that we are doing and focusing on right now. Now for the funnies that happened this week.  On Thursday  all the elders of our zone had to sleep at our house because we had to leave to go to Coban early Friday morning. It was fun and it is always a party when the missionaries sleep at our house. It was getting late and we were going to go to bed when I had the idea that we should sleep on the roof haha. Our house is like in a 5 story building so everyone got there mattresses (I don’t know how to spell that either) or culchones in Spanish and brought them up to the roof. We slept up there well went up there and laid under the stars. We didn’t really sleep because it was freezing and we basically talked all night. It was fun as heck though and a great memory. Friday we had zone conference with the Pres in Coban. We played jeopardy at the end of the zone conference but his categories were like church based. Just an example of why I have the best pres in the world. Like zone conference with pres watts was great but it was always like 8 hours sitting in a chair listening to him talk. With Curtiss he gave us a super powerful message of like 2 hours then we played jeopardy. It was dope. oh and long story short we played it with like 2 other zones and it came down to the wire to see who would win. Let me just tell you all that I represented the family name well and answered the 2000 point correctly to win the game for my zone. I felt like a champion… I felt like Ken Jennings the ultimate jeopardy winner. All that jeopardy with you dad didn’t go to waste haha. It was a blast. Ya so the mission is the best just the best. Something that I love doing as well is taking the sacrament each week and just remembering for 15 mins all that my savior did for me. I love taking the sacrament and I love the peace it brings to my life. Just to start another week fresh trying to do what’s right. Don’t miss the opportunity during the sacrament to think about Christ. It’s the best and helps me make good decisions for the entire week. The church is perfect and Christ is our savior that’s why I’m in this flippin country teaching people about that. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Love you all family and have a good week!
Elder Call

Oh and by the way sister braithwaite that was in your ward well her best friend is in my zone so i thought that was cool because she said that the family call is the best...

my 2 best lat friends in the mission besides elder bonilla. this is elder trujillo the ap and elder brito. remember elder brito he is my friend that was with me in rabinal when i was in cubulco. He is the man and is zl now in coban so i get to see him all the time in conferences when i got to coban it's dope
oh elder brito is from boliva and elder trujillo is from ecuador they are dope

sunday we went to the branch in san jeranimo to talk to the branch pres for pres curtiss about some problems they are having and when i was there i saw i member that is from san cristobal that i knew when i was there. cesar caal he is the man and we almost have the same last name. it was the beeesssst to see him. i didn't even realize how much i love this guy until i saw him again. that was a highlight of the week. freakin love that guy

some monkey that we saw today hah

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