Monday, March 31, 2014

Salama, Salama (week 61)

Well I loved getting your letters this week. Dad, I loved that article about living in another country. It’s the best! haha It’s weird as heck though speaking and thinking all day in another language. Teaching and giving conferences and presentations as well all in a language I didn’t know 16 months ago. Oh and those pictures from the city are soooo cool. I love love love love San Fran. It’s the best and there is nobody more fun than our family as well. The best way to spend the weekend.  Love the fam and love san francisco. Oh and grandpa is living it up as well and I want to do that sooo bad haha. 

Well as far as my week it started good. I love so much those concilios that we have every month with president and the other leaders in the mission. I can just feel the spirit so strong and its soo cool to see the direct revelation that the president receives to progress the work here in this part of the lords vina.  I love it so much and my testimony grows soo much when I’m in those conferencias and it just gives me soo much animo to work harder and to be a better missionary. I also love teaching all the things I learn in that conference to the rest of my zone the next day. It’s so fun having that meeting and I just love being in front of them and hearing what they have to say about the work and what things we can do better. In our meeting we did a practice where we had to teach a friend. Let’s say that I am the missionary. The other missionary I was teaching would be a family or friend that wasn’t a member of the church. The objective of the practice was to help the missionaries feel the same love for friends and family as they should feel when they teach all their investigators. It was great and I couldn’t help but cry as I was teaching and imagining teaching some of my friends. It was a great practice and we could see that it really impacted all the missionaries in our zone to feel more love for the people. This week in our area it was good and bad. It was bad because Gilberto now is not going to be able to get baptized with us because he is leaving to go back to the states. The good news about that though is we helped his faith in Christ increase and we planted the seeds for future missionaries when they find and teach him again. We started teaching his daughter though this week and she even came to church so she is a good possibility for the future. The other bad is that family that lives by our house well all there fechas fell because they didn’t go to church. It isn’t the end though we are still going to try to work with them to help their testimonies grow. That’s the bad.  Now the good is that we found a couple great investigators this week and we are super excited to start teaching them again this week. Pray for my companion and I and all of our investigators… they need your prayers. Now for the funny story of the week... last week on Monday we were headed up to Coban at like 6 in the morning. Well we were about like 1 hour into the journey when my stomach decided to self-destruct. In a matter of minutes I was sweating from every pore of my body trying not to have an accident in my pants.  That’s not a joke… I was actually sweating like crazy. Finally I sucked up my pride and told my comp I wasn’t going to make it to Coban. He was like alright well we will get off the bus in Tactic and go to the gas station to use the bathroom and I was like alright. We were about 15 minutes outside of Tactic. I started thinking about the options and could I make it or not. Well believe it or not I decided I couldn’t and we had to get off the bus right then. I can’t believe I actually thought this but I was trying to think of the consequences if I went right there in my pants. My stomach hurt soooo bad and I was going to explode. I yelled stop and we got off the bus right in front of a gas station. We lost money because we already paid for the bus but got off way sooner than Coban. I ran to the bathroom and ya everything was good. Let me tell you I have never felt sicker ever. I mean if you guys could have listened to the thoughts that were coming into my head. I mean seriuols vale la pena hacerlo en mis pantalones. I must be nuts but ya that would only happen in Guat. Like that has never ever happened to me in the states. Classic… just stuff you don’t forget. I love Guat. I love the people. I love life. I love Christ. The mission is the best the very very best. Love you all and have a good week!
Elder Call

all these pictures were taken in coban while we were there

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