Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another week in Salama (week 60)

Loved getting your letters this week as always and let me tell you that I have to eat at that ben and nicks restaurant when I get home.  I loved seeing the pictures of grandpa on his motorcycle and let me tell you that I would kill to have that bike here in guat. I don’t think that they even know that bmw motorcycles even exists.  Just about nothing sounds more fun than taking that puppy up and down the coast of california.

This last week was kind of a crazy week.   Change week is always nuts because we have to make sure that everyone is in their houses and comfortable. We always have a lot of running around to do. This week though was a good work week.  We have a lot of people now to potentially put fechas with.  Right now in our area we have a total of 6 fechas. This week we want to put another 2 or 3 fechas with the people we’re teaching.  We finally have the investigators now so next we just need to put the fechas with them and teach them with the spirit. As far as the fechas we have right now things are going ok. We have Gilberto who is pilas. His only problem is that he is going back to the states soon to work. I think I told you about him the last week. We also have those hermanas that live by our house. They are still progressing but as always there are problems. They are having a tough time deciding whether they want to change their religion. Yep they are having a tough time leaving the Catholic Church even though they know this is the true church. So we have planned this next week to visit them with a super pilas member called Mario. He is going to visit them with us. He was also catholic and had a hard time leaving the Catholic Church.  But he received an answer to his prayers too and decided to follow the savior.  That is the plan this next week with him and I will let you guys know what happens with them. We are still teaching Cindy as well and we are going to start teaching her little sister who also wants to go to church as well as her dad.  Those are the biggest potential fechas we have as well as another guy named Jorge. Ya but the work is going well and we are working super hard for these people and I hope they decide to follow the answers they receive to their prayers.  Sunday my comp and I decided to go to the branch of Rabinal to support the new president of the branch who is a missionary.  Going to that branch was the best…I loved it…I loved, loved, loved it. Let me tell you family that there just is not a crazier place on this planet then Rabinal.  It was awesome.  I love the people so much there and I can’t believe that it has been 3 months since I was there opening that area.  Let me tell you that the best part though was seeing all the people I found, taught and put fechas with attending church all dressed up with their white shirts. Remember that guy Basilio Alverez I would always tell you guys about him being a future leader in the church?  Well, he was just set apart as president of the quorum of elders.  I also saw Christian and his wife Louis and Adan and his wife.  Cubuclo is the best and I love those people sooo soo much.  I loved going to visit that branch.  Ya so that was definitely the highlight of the week… visiting that branch.  As for me I am in Coban again right now because we have concilio tomorrow.  I love concilio and it always gives me so much animo.  I love you all so much and hope everybody has a great week!
Elder Call

some catholic parade outside my house

some drunk guy who would just not leave us alone

Juan Reyes or as i call him john kings. this guys a legend

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