Sunday, April 6, 2014

Coban (week 63)

So as you can see by the subject I’m in Coban again. We left his morning at like 4:30 so my comp could visit his old area in Tactic and so we could eat breakfast there. It was sooo early in the morning I just about died of being so tired.  We didn’t even get to bed until 12. The good news is that we didn’t have to get off the bus halfway there to go to the bathroom.  Ya so we are in Coban again today and tomorrow because we have concilio tomorrow.  Ok as far as this past week it was a tough week for us. All of our fechas that we had fell…. all of them and they are all because of family members giving them sincho because they were listening to our message as missionaries. Sucks but that is the mission. Now the good news is that we found 2 new good investigators. Something that we do to find new investigators is use the simi to find members who haven’t been to church in forever. We use that to find menus activos. If we find menus activos we can lots of times find people that live in the same house but are not members. So that’s how we found these 2 great investigators. Their names are Haiti y Sucey.  We have only visited them 2 times but they live in the house of a less active member.  Everything that we have left them to do they have done. When they read the things that we leave them to read they read it but they don’t only read it they understand it. They could explain to you the entire plan of salvation. That is just not something that happens very often. Usually you would have to explain it like 20 times to the average investigator but we didn’t even have to explain it one time to them. It was great.  One of the most satisfying things at least for me, is if people ask you questions it means that they actually want to learn more and care. When people have 0 questions about the resurrection after we teach it then that means they didn’t understand anything or they just don’t care. These investigators ask questions and it’s the best. Ya so as far as right now they are the investigators most pilas that we have.  This week we also did divisions with the elders in Santa Barbera. They went great. I was with Elder Frandson. He is from Wisconsin and has like 5 months in the mission.  I learned a ton that day.  Elder Franson struggles a lot with his Spanish but he is soo humble and doesn’t get down on himself for it at all. He has the spirit when he teaches and that’s the most important thing.  Love Elder Frandson and I need to remember always that the spirit is the very most important thing. It’s the same for you guys back home.  You should all strive always to have the spirit with you at all times. Just think that god has promised to give us the Holy Ghost always if we are living worthily and striving to keep all the commandments. I think that there are few things more special than that. I love you all and hope that you all have a good week!

Elder Call

These pictures are from when we went to go eat churrascos with peter and the patojos that live in his house. So fun I love them sooo much!!

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