Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hey Family (week 58)

Hey sorry it took so long to write you but I have had a super crazy week and really couldn’t focus on Monday enough to write you. I loved your letters as always.  I know I say this just about every week but there is nothing better than going into the city and exploring one of the best cities of the world. Everyone I talk to here says that they want to go to San Francisco so bad. Now I don’t know if that’s because they want to sneak into the states and that’s the excuse or if they really want to get to know San Fran ha-ha. Well it really is just the best city haha.  It scares the heck out of me that ben is driving…seriously I just don’t trust that kid… haha…love you ben.

This last week was another good one. One of the highlights of the week was when president Curtis brought down the mission call of Peter Lopez.  If you don’t remember who peter is he is the guy whose house we’d go to just about every single night for dinner. He lives in the house that is just a house for jovenes orphans.  Ya he is the man.  He was baptized last April and all he wants to do is serve a mission. He sent in his papers once and they got rejected because of his age so he had to write a letter and have other people write recommendation letters on why he should serve a mission even though he is out of the missionary age range. Well long story short that was stressful as heck because he wants to serve a mission soooo bad and his papers got rejected the first time. Basically my comp and I helped him so much to do everything so we were sad as heck too when it got rejected.  So he wrote the letters and sent the papers in again and it got accepted. Serving a mission for this guy is seriously such a sacrifice. There isn’t anybody in his family that is a member. His dad is living in Chicago to make money for him and his family.  He really doesn’t even know his dad because he left for the states when he was young. Basically Peter has the best job in the world.  He is making more money than 60 percent of other guats and it’s the best job ever. Not to mention that he is going to have to leave that job and all the kids he helped raise in the orphanage. His dad is threatening to disown him if he goes on a mission because his dad says the reason he is living and working in the states is so he can study at the universidad.  Oh, and his mom just does not get the mission at all and why he would want to leave his country for 2 years and go somewhere else. Ya so he has pretty much everyone against him except the members of the church and us. So when that mission call came it was the freakin best.  The following day we opened it with him, some friends, and family. He got his call to serve in El Salvador mission San Salvador.  That is the best. I was soooooooooooooooooo happy about his call and the look on his face was priceless. I was wayyyyy more nervous for his mission call then my own call at home. Remember how I just left it on the counter for a week when you guys were up at the cabin haha. That was just a moment I will never forget in the mission. On Saturday my comp and I went to Cubulco to do a proselyting activity. I love love love Cubulco. It was so fun to go back and to give out a bunch of pamphlets and just talk to the people there. They are a lot different then the people here in Salama.  They are just a lot more humble. Oh and every single women’s name is Maria… it’s hilarious…like seriously 90 percent are named Maria. Outside of a house we just yell Maria because there is just bound to be a Maria that lives in that house. Ya so that was a total blast. I’m also going to Cubulco with president today to show him the area as well as Rabinal. I’m looking forward to going to Cubuclo and Rabinal again and to spend time with the pres.  As far as the work in our area goes it’s getting better. This last week we had that family of girls come to church. They were scared as heck to go because the other churches they have gone to there is a ton of yelling, screaming, loud music and people like on the ground shaking haha. Ya but we got 5 of them to come to church. We had been praying so hard all week so they would go to church and receive revelation while at church that this is the true church. Well we went with them to church and the spirit was sooooooo strong. I could just feel it so strong. Probably the strongest I have felt it while attending church here in Salama. It was great because I know that our investigators could feel it as well.  They are now in the cap visiting some family and I can’t wait for them to get back so we can teach them some more. They are great and I love them so much.  That was the highlight of the week as far as the work in our area goes. I love the mission. It’s the best thing ever for the young men in the ward and for you ben it should be your number one goal. It’s the best, trust me, it’s the very best. I love it and wouldn’t trade this time for anything. Love you all family and have a good week. 

elder call

peter and i

me with the calling for peter

family guarra one of my favorite families aqui in salama

peter and I

my comp and i in Cubulco

going to zone activity. we went to some caves Monday like 3 hours away it was great haha

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