Thursday, March 6, 2014

Changes (week 59)

I loved your letters this week and I look forward to reading them every week. The family sounds great. You guys are so right about peter and how I have no idea how he feels not having support from his family. I can’t imagine what that would feel like.  He is so strong and I pray every night for him and that he will feel motivated to go on the mission and serve with honor.  It’s something I do every night in my prayers. I always give thanks for all the freakin family I have that loves me. Like I just can’t even believe it because I have sooooooooooo many people that love me. I say that in a humble way not to be cocky haha. But really like I have so much support back home and I can feel it every day when I work. I know sooo many people here who just have a mom and that’s it because their brothers and sisters moved out of the house and the dad is in the states working. Never never ever take for granted how great our family is because it’s the best and I am well aware of that now haha. Thanks for everything you all do for me love you all.

Now as far as my week it was a good one. As far as work in our area goes it was also  a good one.  The super pilas family that came to church this last week was in the guate like I told you. They didn’t come to church because they were in the cap.  We received this week a reference from a member of the church.  The reference is super pilas and we put a baptism with her this past week. She also came to church this week which is awesome. I don’t know why but this area is sooooo hard to get people to come to church so having investigators in church the past 2 weeks was awesome.  We also had another one of our investigators come to church this last week. His name is Gilberto. He is super pilas and just wants to have Gods guidance in his life. He is really humble even though he is one of the richest guys here in Salama. He works in the states and lives here because he likes the schooling better. We found this guy a month back just because I saw the house he lives in and I thought wow that would be a lot of deizmos haha. Ya his house is super nice for Guat haha. Ya well he turns out to be a great investigator of ours. His only problem is that he always has to go to the states to work and doesn’t come back for a while. He might not get baptized now because of his work but he definitely has felt the spirit and he told us he liked church a lot. We have another investigator that wants to go get baptized but can’t because she is living with another dude that is the father of her son. They don’t share the same room or anything but she lives there because she wants her son to see that he has a family even though it’s a fake family. Anyway that blows and she is planning on moving out but we don’t know when. Those are the best investigators we have right now. That pilas family is also back from the cap and we are going to teach them tomorrow. This last Wednesday like told you I went all over our zone with the president in his car with my comp helping president to get a better feel for our zone. Let me say that it was the best. It was great to be in Cubulco again even though it was for an hour. I love it there so much. I love that place and let me tell you that president is the best. No but seriously he is the very very best.  He can just laugh and laugh and laugh but he is very serious as well when he needs to be. It’s the perfect balance and something so important for me is laughter. You need to be able to laugh and find the balance between laughing and being serious. Well he has got it down. Pres Curtiss just carries such a strong spirit with him as well. He is the best. I can’t wait to tell you the stories I have with him when I get back. Oh and for the title as you can see it was changes and I didn’t have one. I’m staying with my comp. I’m super happy about it. I love Salama and I’m excited to stay here and work more with my companion. I don’t know if I have said much about my comp but ya he is the freakin man. Just awesome... I love him sooooo much. Great balance of fun and work and humble. Love the guy and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been so lucky with comps. I’m positive that I have had the best comps in the mission. I think I have only not got along with my comps for a total of a week in my entire mission and that was with Ortega and you guys know why haha. The mission is the best and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Love you all family and have a good week!

Elder Call
for my comps year we burned a pinata haha that was dressed like a missionary

his pic is great because i was like waiting there patiently for my comp to take the pic but my camera wouldn't take it so i had to like flail around trying to dodge all the ash that was landing on me haha.

on the Saturday of changes we always go to this members house and we eat churrascos with the other missionaries here in salama

p day today we played billiards

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