Saturday, February 22, 2014

15 Months in the Mission (Week 57)

Let me just tell you family that I just cannot even understand how I have 15 months here in the mission and 13 months here in Guatemala.  I just do not know where the time has gone.  I feel like literally I have maybe 6 months in the mission. How has the time gone by so fast? I just don’t understand it at all… like at all.

This last week has been a great one but a busy one. I have had sooooooooooo much stuff to do that I don’t even have time to think.  Just about every day this week we have gone to San Miguel to find a new house for the new missionaries that are going to be there. San Miguel is like outside of Salama going towards Rabinal and Cubulco. Pres. called us and let us know that we are going to be opening that area next change. So we immediately had to start going to San Miguel to look for a house. So what does that require? Well walking up and down every street and asking in every teinda to see if anyone has a house to rent.  Ya I like walking and doing that but I mean we have to do that in the morning and then go home and do it all day in our area… more walking. haha. Let me just say that it’s tiring as heck and I don’t even have that much time to study. On top of that I have to get a presupesto for what all the stuff we need for the house. I say that in Spanish because I literally just spent the last 5 minutes of internet time trying to think what that means and I got nothing. Ya so we had to go find out how much all the furniture costs for the house and like the fridge, stove, beds, and everything else they need.  That also requires a lot of walking to go to all the stores to find out how much everything costs so the office elders can give us a check.  Then we have to go buy it all and order all the tables and dressers to be made in a carpenter store. Also we have to get a map of Salama and of San miguel and completely reorganize the areas for the missionaries here so that everyone has equal space to work with members.  We also need to go find a house in Santa Barbera where we can put the church because pres. is going to open a group over there for members who live in that area. Then we need to get a presupuesto of what everything is going to cost for that house. Speakers, chairs, microphone, pulpit and like all the stuff for the primary and stuff haha. Then I have other stuff to do like plan for the zone, plan an activity for the zone that helps everyone’s well-being and do all the other little stuff that pres. asks me to do and the aps… oh and work in my area. Let me tell you I’m not complaining at all. It’s the best. I love being so busy and it’s like I am all over the place all day every day. Its soooo fun!! Ya so that’s my life right now. It’s the best. In our area we have found a couple real great investigators. We were contacting one day down by our house and found a family. They are super pílas. They actually want to learn more about the gospel and keep commitments. They are reading the BOM and doing everything we say. The only bad thing is they went down to Guatemala and are going to be there for like 1 week. I hope they do not forget the spirit they have felt with us during the lessons.  They seem to be just a great possibility for us right now. We just need to get them to come to church and they are as good as gold.  That’s probably the best thing that has happened this last week was this great little family. I love finding people like them and it’s what gives me the desire to work even harder the next week. The mission is the best. The thing that I am working on the most right now is to have Christ like love for all the people I come in contact with. If I truly love the people I will have all the animo in the world to try to find the people that are willing to make convenios with god through baptism. The mission is the best and I love every second of it and I don’t like one bit how much time I have. It’s going by soo fast. Love you all and have a good week!!

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