Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hey fam (week 41)

Hey guys loved your letters this week as always. Dad I’m letting you know you really are the king of puns and like it’s not even close with anyone else. Mom I’m happy to hear that you had so much fun with your sisters. Oh and mom yes I know Mansfield. I don’t know him that well because he was never my zl but he was my AP so I had like 1 division with him and saw him for the menos like 1 time every 2 months.
So I’m writing you late today because I had to go to the capital for my comp today. He had to sign the visa papers. We left our area at 2 and got to the cap at like 8. It was a crap school bus so I couldn’t sleep at all haha. The cap was good though and I finally saw the temple for the first time. I have never seen the temple in guat so I wanted to see it so I asked our driver if he could pass by the temple and we did even though it was like a 45 min detour from where we were. The cap was fun though and I’m glad I’m not there but I like seeing so many people. I love cities I don’t know why. I would rather serve my mission though way up in the hills in some far away town and it’s funny because that’s exactly what I am doing haha. Ya so crazy my comp has a change. Usually training is 2 changes but he got a change and is going to the office of the mission. So I am going to get another kid and start training him all over again starting Wednesday. It’s going to be good and I’m excited to have another kid. My kid is from the republica just like rojas but that’s the only thing I know about him. Cubulco is great but as usual I need all the prayers I can get for my area. We still have some good fechas and some good potentials but we’ll see what happens and see what the lord has in store for them. Let me just say though that I am sad my comp is leaving. We would laugh and work so hard together. I thought for sure we were going to have for the menos like 3 months together. Puchika it kinda blows but that’s alright and he is going to be in the office of the mission so I can call and annoy him every day about stuff if I want. I love the mission seriously. It’s the best like its freakin nuts when you think about it. The pres just dropped me off in this random town with nothing and said well start trying to baptize people haha. Seriously we have only 1 active member in our area its nuts haha. It’s such an adventure and like what we did today too was an adventure. It’s the best adventure and I doubt there will ever be better experienced than the experiences I am having right now in my entire life. Ben start preparing for a mission now because it’s the freakin best and you don’t want to lose this opportunity. Love you all fam and have a good week!

elder call

elder mansfeild and i on divisions like a year ago

barcalona is better then real as you can see

we saw this man with his cow that didn't want to move so we asked if we could help him so ya we ended up pulling this cow for like 2 miles. a couple times the bull charged me and i dodged it like a pro really got the adrenaline pumping

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