Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fam Ban (week 42)

Ya so loved your letters as always. Man I’m glad you guys had a good Halloween. I’m glad kev went over as well. haha I freakin love that kid and think about the crazy stuff we did right before I left. haha I can´t believe that was a year ago. I’m glad to hear that ben hasn´t changed at all and is still breaking everything haha.
Ya so this week was nuts. It started off nuts because on Sat like I told you my kid was having a change and that was completely unexpected. Ya so I went to Salama to go get my new kid. His name is Elder Aybar. I think he is a good guy but I’m not really sure because he doesn´t talk and when he does I can barely understand him because of his thick accent. Rojas I could understand easily but elder Aybar is fresh from the Republica and has not lost his accent at all haha. Ya so he is really quiet really really quiet. Ya so we worked together for 1 day when the zone leaders called me Thursday morning telling me I had an emergency change to the area right next to mine... Rabinal. There were 2 elders there in that area and we all go to church together Sunday. One of the elders there hurt his knee super bad Monday and went to Coban to get medical help. Well he can´t walk for like a month so I had to move to Rabinal with my kid. Elder Brito is the one who got hurt and he had a kid also Elder Stuart that you have probably seen in my pics. Ya so I am finishing the training of Elder Stuart and starting the training of Elder Aybar. It’s nuts haha. Ya so they called us Thursday in the morning and told us that within 2 hours we had to have all of our stuff packed and ready to move houses. We had to move everything because we had to move out of our house in Cubulco anyway. We had some problems with the landlord. Well basically she is a witch and has a wandering eye for every man in Cubulco. Ya she has a rep in Cubulco and it isn´t a good one and so we had to get out of there before something happened to us. So like I said we had to pack everything that we had. We also had to find a pickup and a place to put all of our crap like fridge tables dressers beds and other stuff because we are going to move back to Cubulco at some time. It will probably be next change but we need to find a new house. Ya so that was nuts. We had so much stuff we needed to do in such little time. Ya but we did it even though I lost like all my hair because it was so much pressure. Ya so we are officially in Rabinal Elder Stuart Elder Aybar and me. I officially have 3 kids in the mission Elder Stuart Elder Aybar and Elder Fitzgerald. Ya so it’s a ton of work right now because we have to work in the 2 areas. We are expected to have good stats for the 2 areas but we have half of the time to work in Cubulco. Especially since the better part of our investigators we could only visit at night but the last bus to go back to Rabinal from Cabulco is at like 6. So we have lost a bunch of good investigators which totally blows. Ya it’s all good though the lord knows that we can do it so I feel fine even though it’s a ton of work. haha 2 kids training at the same time. I need to help them be the best missionaries they can be and work in 2 areas and I’m opening 1 of the 2 areas and be responsible for my district haha. Ya it’s a ton of work but it’s a lot of fun at the same time. I love the mission and wouldn´t trade this time for anything. Really it’s the best. I know the church is true and it’s so motivating thinking that I’m doing the lords work and not mine. Love you all and can’t wait to talk to you in a month and a half. Have a good week.
Love elder call

My comp and me

my comps. we were doing service and had to get all these sticks and dry plants and burn them and i was like that's fun but it would be more fun if we built a giant bonfire and lit it up. so that's we did a huggggggeeee bonfire it was dope haha

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