Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fam (week 38)

I loved getting your letters this week unlike last week haha. Yes, I got all your letters this week and the last week. When I don’t hear from you I can’t help sometimes to think you are all dead haha. Dad I’m praying for grandma day and night. I love grandma call and the example of her family for me and how I want my family to be. I feel like there are hardly any problems in your family and that is just something that is not normal. Man I’m glad uncle john went to the hospital I’m soo glad that he is ok. I thought it was so cool how you mentioned that you gave him a blessing. The priesthood is real and we have it. When we try to live worthy we are worthy to use it although we are still not perfect. I’m soo grateful for the priesthood and I gave a blessing today to a sick sister. Wow I can’t believe that ben is 16. Happy birthday! I didn’t forget I just forgot to say happy b day last week. Let me add my comment by saying I am literally not even surprised even a little bit that it is already broken haha. Sorry ben but you really should consider getting an otter box.
Ya so general conference was great. I really look forward to learning and studying the things that are said. I loved one thing that was said and that is that our testimony will not grow if we are just watching conference. We need to actually work for it. Just reading the scriptures is not enough we must pray and study them. The church is soooo important and soo true but it is so easy to get off the straight and narrow path. Remember that the church is the only way to be truly be happy. This week in Cubulco was a good one as well. Not quite as good as the last week but we still managed to have a couple people in church. We spent the night at the house of the elders in Rabinal, like 45 mins from our house, because when priesthood ended it was like 9 so we couldn’t go back on a bus so we spent the night Saturday. Sunday morning I wanted to go to our area before conference because I wanted to try to bring people to church. My comp didn’t want to go and said that it was a waste of time because nobody was going to come because we hadn’t invited anyone on Saturday. I insisted and as his dad I have the final say. Wow, that’s nice, it’s like being the oldest child again haha. Ya but we went back to our area early Sunday morning to find someone to go to church. We really didn’t have anyone to bring to church but I suggested that we pray and ask for help. I just couldn’t help but think that our sacrifice would bring blessings. This was a sacrifice because it was a total pain. We were right next to the church building and to go to our area before conference then travel all the way back was a big deal. We did manage to bring some people to church which was a miracle. So cool because we had only talked with these people 1 time but we passed by their house and took them all the way back to the church before conference started. God answered my prayer and that strengthened my testimony. My comp and I also contacted a family in the street in between sessions and took them to church for the afternoon session also. Such a miracle… the mission is the best. My comp is great and my area is hard but great. I love prayer and always having someone who is listening. Pray for me and my comp Elder Fitzgerald by name just like what was said in a conference talk. Please remember to also pray for my investigators. God is listening and I need your prayers and our investigators need your prayers. Pray that they can feel the holy ghost telling them that our message is true. Love you all family and you are the best!
elder call

 eating tamales in the street soo freakin good haha

classic giving a drunk guy a word of wisdom pamphlet haha

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