Friday, October 4, 2013

Cubulco (week 37)

Hey guys, another good week in guat. Cubulco is great my comp is great and life is great. This last week was crazy. My comp and I worked soooo freakin hard. We had several miracles happen this week as well. Well first I was really nervous for my first district meeting I had to give. I was stressed out because I had no idea what I was going to talk about for an hour and a half but that all went well. I think I did really well in that. I was praying nonstop for god to help me and help my district and it all went great. I felt like when I was talking I was being guided by someone…probably because I was. I have no doubt that god was helping me out the entire time because that meeting was easy and I think my district learned a lot. Ok, another big thing that happened this week is we found a menus activo that wants to help us as missionaries. He can´t go to church because he has to go to school but he can leave with us during the day and give us references. It was an absolute miracle that we found him because we had nobody to help us but one other member named Maria and she can only help us on Saturdays. So what were we going to do? Contact all day every day and is just not as effective. So my comp and I were praying super hard to find someone that could help us and we found this kid. I can’t remember if I told you this last week or not but ya it was a miracle. His name is Francisco. He took us to 2 really great families that are super receptive. We had only taught them one time when Sunday came along. We passed by their house and they came with us to church. They are super poor and so that is a huuugeee sacrifice. They had to pay for 7 people on the bus and take the bus to Rabinal where the church is and its like 45 mins away. Ya and it was only our first full week in Cubulco and we had 7 people within the age of baptism there at church…2 priesthood and 2 families and it was incredible. Like that number is huuuugeee in the wards for the mission but for a little branch in Rabinal and to think they came from a little town 45 mins away was a miracle. I just hope they felt the spirit and want to go again. Like I said we have only taught them 1 time so this next week is important. That though was a freakin miracle. It was the best. Ya and it’s all thanks to Francisco who took us to their houses. I know that my comp and I really did nothing though it was all god. He knew that we needed something to work with in this town of Cubulco where we know nobody and don´t have many investigators. Yesterday was one of the happiest days I have had in my life. Ya so that was the best part of the week. My comp is the best. He is a hard worker which is so important. It’s weird training him because I feel like literally I have been out 2 months in the mission. Time is freakin flying it’s nuts. Well that’s all I’ve got to say. Love you all and have a good week!

elder call
lunch with the elders in my distric the hermanas live like 2 hours away

the waterfalls we went to today

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