Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our family is the best! (week 40)

Let me just start off by saying the subject of the letter again… our family is the freakin best and I’m serious. I wouldn’t trade our family for anything. I can’t believe that you parents have been married for 23 years. That’s freaking weird and I can’t believe that I’m 20 like what the heck? I loved your letters as always and I’m glad Charlie turned out normal…haha. No broma, Charlie is the best and I love him for who he is and I can’t fathom the fact that he is 7. When the people here ask me stuff about my family I always mess up. They ask how old are your brothers and sisters? I always say that Ben is 14 Ella is 10 and Charlie is 4. I know that age 4 for Charlie doesn’t make sense but that’s the age I think of them all as being…haha. Then I tell the people I messed up and they tell me that I don’t love my family because I can’t remember how old they are haha. Also they asked what Charlie’s full name is and I couldn’t tell them I forgot. It’s Charlie something Call but what’s his middle name? My comp won’t stop bugging me about that because he can’t believe that I forgot his name haha.
This week in cubulco was good…well kinda. We found a lot of new investigators in our area and a couple of great families that are really showing the desire to progress. The fechas that we had for baptism all fell. We had a date with 2 kids 14 and 12 years old but they can’t get baptized because their dad is in the states and he won’t give them permission. How sad is that? I have never seen such a desire from kids to do what is right and they can’t do it because of their dad. Maybe if their dad lived here in guat it would be different but it doesn’t freakin help that he is in the states. Ya so that is a real disappointment. Our other fechas couldn’t go to church because he had to travel to some place with his wife but they had an excuse. So we just have to work hard to get them to come to church and to recognize that they have received an answer and that they just need to listen to the spirit. So pray for me that I can help them and pray for them as well please. I’m looking forward to a lot this next week. I am going to work as hard as I can to bring more people to the knowledge of the truth. The mission guys is the best. It really is and I am learning so much about myself and about life. I’m really trying to be like Christ and it’s the happiest I have been in my entire life. It’s weird trying to forget about myself in the work when just about all of my life I only focused on myself. It’s great though and I can feel the joy of Christ and his love in my life every day. The church is the best and it is true without a doubt in my mind. Do what he wants and not what the world wants. I had to tell an investigator that this week because she didn’t want to drop the catholic church. She knows this church is true and has received an answer and felt the spirit. I gave sincho and I said so you fear man more than god we’ll see where that gets you haha sincho. It felt great ya so do what is right always and you will be happy. I love you all!
elder call

Oh I almost forgot that I had my first baptism interview this week. It was great hearing this person give their testimony for the first time in the interview. The spirit was super strong and it went great and he got baptized.

i'm poor look at me in my nylon the only thing protecting me from the rain

my comp and the elders in rabinal all in the hamaca

the caves we went to today

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