Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm 20! (Week 39)

Let me just start off by saying that I’m 20.  Does that number sound off to you? I feel like 20 is just a whole other ball park. Like I don’t act like I’m 20 at all I don’t think and I’m an old man. I should probably invest in life insurance or something. 20 freaking years old wow. Yup so I really haven’t even thought about my birthday at all. haha The only dates I really remember are my baptism dates of my investigators haha. I’m serious though like I didn’t even really think about it until today. I’m glad to hear that the fam is doing well and everything. I can’t believe that ben is in high school.  That freaks me out. Dad I’m so freaking proud of you! I can’t believe that you just run marathons like it’s nothing. I didn’t even know that you did it and I feel like just yesterday you guys emailed me about the marathon relay that you did on highway 1. Like literally feels like yesterday sitting in that crap internet cafe bar sweating like crazy. Crazy…dad that’s freaking nuts. Oh happy birthday and oh by the way I ran a marathon. That’s not normal. haha You’re a stud. haha I know where I get my athletic skills from and mom I’m not forgetting about your marathon either.
Ya so this week we put some more fechas with investigators. We have like 4 fechas right now. None are like for sure but all 4 of our fechas came to church which proves that they are making steps towards the goal of baptism. It’s an absolute miracle that we have people progressing and going to church because we don’t have members in our area. Only 1 active member and all the others are drunks or gays. That’s not a joke. That’s the truth and also the church isn’t in our area. Our investigators have to load up on a bus to go 45 mins away just to go to a church. I know that the lord will bless them though for exercising their faith. Ya so pray for them because they need to receive an answer to their prayers to go through with baptism. I love my area even though it’s tough because there are not members. I love the branch as well even though it’s the smallest branch I have been in. My comp is the man and great. He is trying really hard to learn English so he can study at byu so I teach him English every day and we talk in English lots of times a day too. Life is great and I’m so grateful for the church book of Mormon and a prophet. I know that the church is true and the book of Mormon is true. You all need to read the book of Mormon every day. That book will make you such a better person and I’m so grateful for this church really. For example pretty much our only active priesthood member in our ward is the first counselor hermano roberto. He was baptized about a year ago and is the most Christ like man I know. His wife told us yesterday before he joined the church he was a drunk. He would come home to his house everyday hammered and beat his wife and kids. He let the missionaries come in and they changed his life. Now he plays with his kids and treats his wife like a queen. Like I said he is the most Christ like man I know. Yesterday I made the mistake of saying I liked his tie. I say it was a mistake because he gave me the tie afterwards. I like the tie but like he has 1 other and he is super poor but that didn’t matter. He knew I liked it so he gave it to me without looking back. We can all learn something from Roberto. The only thing that matters is family and loving god and serving others. I literally feel privileged to know this man. It’s people like him that give me the desire to talk to every person I come in contact with. Love you all and have a good week!
elder call

hermana maria the one active member in cubulco

the day after the celebration of my birthday

eating lunch at a members house

some drunk guy that says that I'm satan because i don't think lazerous was resurrected by jesus. he was brought back from the dead haha

church activity for el dia del nino

winnie the pooh and i 

the missionaries in my branch and i took a pic of the funniest guy in the branch nicco he just sleeps during everything haha

the hermanas in my district bought me a cake then freakin smacked my head into it haha. it was the best cake i have had here though but isn't as good as my peanut butter cake

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