Friday, May 9, 2014

Family (week 67)

I loved your messages this last week.  I just can’t believe that Rachel is going to get married.  That freaks the heck out of me haha. When I think of her I just think we are still so young.  Crazy how fast time flies. I’m happy to hear that the family is doing well and doing what you love. Spending time with the family and going into san fran to explore and eat.

This past week was great.  My comp and I killed it this week in our area. We had sooooooo many lessons with members and soooooo many new investigators. Probably it was the best week of my entire mission. We found and taught a ton of new investigators.  The best investigators that we found this week live in some aldea in our area. They are a great little family that has talked with the missionaries before but it was like 15 years ago. The missionary’s went to their house and helped build it and paint it. They still remember the names of those missionaries even though it was like 15 years ago.  It’s amazing the impact I have on the people here even though I probably don’t realize it. But ya for that reason they let us in because they loved those missionaries. We taught them lesson 1 because they had questions about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  It was just a fantastic lesson and the spirit was really strong. They had lots of questions about our message and that is just the best.  Ya but it was just fantastic because these people are just so great… really good people. I feel like I have met them before because the moment we met them we just clicked and talked like we had known each other forever haha and it was just so cool. So that was the best thing that happened this week.  We also did a division this week with the elders that are in Santa Cruz. I got to go to Santa Cruz for a little bit which was cool because I had done a division in that area like almost a year ago.  This Sunday was fun as well because there is a sister in our ward that is from El Salvador and so we bought all the ingredients Saturday and we made pupusas in the church after the church meeting ended.   It was great. All the other things that I did this week I can’t really remember. Oh we have started going to the gym as well. Every morning at 5:30 we go to the gym to work out haha. Ya so that’s all that is new with me here in Guat but I still just love the mission and love serving the lord.  Remember the most important things in life… keeping the commandments and family and never forget that. This is our 4 minutes and we need to do it with everything we’ve got so we can live with god forever in paradise. Love you guys and hope you have a good week!

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