Friday, April 25, 2014

Semana Santa (week 66)

Hey familia loved your letters from this last week. I am soo happy for you guys and how much fun you had over the break. I’m jealous about your trip to Six Flags… that is just the best.  Sooooo fun and Tatsu is just sooo dope. I love that ride haha.  Easter dinner also is always one of my favorite meals of the year and lamb is soooo tasty haha. You guys are soo lucky.

Ok as for me this week was nuts.  It’s crazy being in a new zone again but it’s fun though because you get like a new start with a bunch of missionaries that don’t know you and that’s fun.  Well I got to Coban Tuesday morning and I did nothing for like 10 hours. I just knocked president’s door when he was doing interviews all day and it was sooooo boring haha. The good news of that though is I was with my best friend or I guess now my companion. It has been sooo funny this week because we just look at each other and say, what the heck are we doing together because people are going to see that we are on illegal divisions and then we just laugh and say oh wait we are comps haha. It’s so funny and I just don’t get how it’s possible that he ended up being my comp haha.  Ya so the better part of this week was spent walking around our area and getting to know it. Then we would leave with members that would show us where other investigators live and where members live.  It was good. It’s funny because at the start of the week we would get lost like 6 times a day. It would take us soo long to get to our house because neither I nor my comp knows where it is.  It was funny.  We didn’t end up finding the investigators houses but we did end up having some leccions. We also found a couple great new investigators. We were getting to know where the menus activo members live. We went to this one house and met a less active named Roxanne. She lives with like a ton of people in her house so we invited everyone to listen to us. Roxanne now goes to another church that isn’t the church of ours.  Man let me tell you big mistake. I don’t want to talk bad about other churches but if you guys could see the churches here you would be shocked about the things they say and do and it is ridiculous… pure apostosia.  Well we had just a killer lesson with that Roxanne and other members of the house. Just fantastic and the lesson started shaky a little bit because my comp and I are not used to teaching together but it ended sooooooooooooooooooooooo well. The spirit was sooooooooooo strong. One of the more powerful lessons I have had in a while. It was great. We talked about the BOM and its importance and later about the resurrection.  It was a long lesson but they kept asking us questions and the spirit was just soo strong that you could touch it haha. Ya it ended up being great. Apparently that less active sister wanted nothing to do with the church and wouldn’t affiliate with it at all. She is more interested now and I think we will reactivate her and hopefully baptize the other people in the house. We went back the next day for another lesson and we watched the restoration video with Joseph Smith and it was just another super powerful lesson. Sooooooooooooo strong the spirit was. Wow that was like Yoda but ya it was soo strong.  I love lessons like that and for lessons like that I love being a missionary.  I look forward to working hard with my comp in this area even though we don’t know anyone here haha. My comp is great. The ward was good as well. Yes I said ward. I am in a ward for the first time in my mission. I call the bishop, president always and I feel bad but I have never said bishop in my entire mission and it’s weird. I love my new area, new zone, the coldness of Alta Verapaz. I’m looking forward to this change a lot.  Love you all and have a good week. Oh freak I forgot to tell you that we had a baptism too. It wasn’t really ours because the elders before us left it but still we had a baptism which was great. Her name in Natividad and she is a saint. She speaks pure Kekqi so we had to get an elder who knows Kekqi to do her baptism interview. It was great. Ya so love you all and have a good week!

Elder Call

some things on the street for semana santa

hermanita and i. remember her she was like my favorite member and i lived in her house in san cristobal. i saw her on tuesday and i have to go to her house tmrw with my comp to sign a contract. love that lady. so ya its great san cristobal is in my zone so i am going to be able to go back and visit.

my comp and i eating churrascos

some funny statue

my comp filling up the pila bautismal because the water pressure was super slow that day so we had to fill up a good part of it by hand haha

natividad she is just great and soo happy haha

alfredo kike and i from the house of peter in salama when i had to despedirme sunday

we were in the plaza or like the mall here in coban when a mormon exursion was going on. i don't know if  that how you say it in english but whatever. ya so there were a ton of mormons from the cap and they bought us like 2 gallons of ice cream and 10 cones haha

today at pizza hut with like 70 missionaries

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