Friday, May 9, 2014

Congrats Rachel (week 68)

Wow!!!! so the biggest news of maybe my entire mission…chel is getting married how crazy.  im so happy for her and i hope trever has a clue what he's got haha. loved your letter this last week as well and mom it sounds like you had a blast with your sisters because your letter was short as heck hahaha.  dad im celoso of your mexican party that your going to have with the fam thats going to be a blast. if you see any chapines en little mexico digales que tu hijo esta en guat y que el ama los chapines jaja. digales que soy puro chapin y que cuando regrese a mi casa voy a extranar las tortillas con todo jajaja.

This week was a good week but we didnt have as many lessons this week as the last week but we did put 2 new fechas with some of our investigators this last week. We now have 3 fechas...2 with marsia y edwin quines son hijos of a less active member. she has been less active for like 35 years but we got her to go to church this last sunday for the first time in like 25 years that is a feat if i have ever heard of one. She was sitting down with us at church and the flipping 1st counseler in the bishopric asked her to give the closing prayer for sacrament meeting. freak, you just don't do that to a less active member who hasn't been to church in 25 years but hey she did it and she prayed like a champ. i actually think it made her feel more part of the church and that the people want her. overall i think it was good. we have fechas with her 2 kids who are progressing right now as well we just need to get them to come to chruch.  now our other fecha that we have is with an investigator named leonardo. he is living with a less active member. they are not married but want to get married and leonardo always goes to church. we met him at church. it was sweet to see him going to chruch i dont think it is going to be a problem. he said he's liked the church ever since the first time he came. im just praying that god will help my comp and i know how we can help him prepare for baptism. if he can get married and baptised that is the beeeessst becuase that would complete the family and in 1 year they can go to the temple to go get sealed.  that is the best. there are sooo many missionaries that finish their missions and haven't baptised any families. i have been so blessed with that. in july im going to have 2 families that are going to get sealed in the temple who we baptised.  man it just doesnt get any better than that. in november of this year 3 families that we baptised in family will be sealed if they stay pilas in the church.  that is just the best i mean it just doesnt get better than that. when i think of those families and the sacrifices they made and the changes they made it just makes me cry. sometimes when i go to bed i just lay on my bed thinking about the people that i have met here in guat and i just get teary eyed i love the people here soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much like i cant even beleive it. ya i just love them soo much. i love guat i love my comp i love the language i love the people and culture. i love everything that has to do with the mission. this letter is just soo unorganized haha its funny but ya we taught that other family that we taught 2 weeks ago Saturday too. we had another good lesson with them. they are going to go to church and they all want to go to church but they are training for a half marathon right now so they are going to go to church after the race which is in like 2 weeks.  We just need to be patient with them. this family would be sooo pilas if they got baptised. the grandmother of the family is in charge of the aldea where she lives. she is the reason there is running water there. everyone loves that lady and she is just sooooo nice and so freindly. if we baptize her she would just be soo pilas and the church would have like 50 baptisms in that area because im sure she would share the gospel with everyone.  carlos her son and his wife are also such good people. i love them soo much. i just am praying and fasting for them. its funny i dont really even know them but i can just see their future if they get baptized.  so pray for me and for them to accept the gospel.   overall it was a good week. vi un hombre aahhh mejor no voy a contarles esta casaka cuando regrese es un poco ascoroso haha. this week also we wnt to san cristobal to do a interview it was awsome. i saw some of themembers that i knew and love as well it was the best. we did the interview way out in some aldea and we were out late and there were no buses to get back to the mera san cristobal so we had to walkcall a taxi it was nuts though we were freakin out we though we were goin go have to camp like way out in the forest haha it was dope. after the district meeting this week we went to eat lunch with president curtiss. it was my comp president and his wife it was great. that man is the best i love him sooo much. He's such a good example of how i want to be when I'm older.  this week we have a conference as well with elder ochoa who is a 70 and it should be good. i'll tell you about it this next week when you call for Mothers Day. love you all family hope all is well and cant wait to talk to you all this weekend. love you all keep safe and follow forward love ya

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