Thursday, April 10, 2014

General Conference (week 64)

I loved getting your letters this week and hearing that everyone is safe and happy.  I loved your inspirational words for me for the tough week I had last 2 weeks ago.

The good news this last week is that it wasn’t as frustrating of a week as 2 weeks ago. This past week on Tuesday we had concilio with the president and his wife in Coban. I love that meeting and it is always soo special. President talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how powerful it is.  He said that our testimony will not grow unless we are reading the Book of Mormon every day. That book is the key to our happiness in our life. In it we can find the solutions to our problems and find so much peace through the teachings of Christ. I loved that because it’s so true… my day is always better if it starts out with a good study sesh in the BoM. I loved sharing that with the zone as well. I hope that you are all studying the BoM daily as well back home.  Wednesday we had interviews with the president and with the entire zone as well. I mean I know I say it in just about every letter but president is seriously the best. I love him and his positive outlook on everything and he is truly just such a great example for me.  We continued throughout the week visiting Haiti and Sucy and we also started teaching her aunt as well. They are all receptive and are still progressing. They are our investigators most pilas right now but we still need to find more investigators. We still have a lot of work to do.  General conference was awesome as well. There were three talks that really called my attention.  The first talk was by Holland Saturday morning session. I loved that talk… absolutely loved it. The other 2 talks were during the priesthood session.  Uchtdorfs talk as well as Eyring.   Both of those talks impacted me so much.  I could feel the spirit sooo strong and I just loved them. I could listen to those men talk all day.  I loved Uchtdorfs example with air force one and I just died laughing with that.  It’s so funny because before the mission I really didn’t care for general conference. Now I have been in the mission I look forward to it.  I love it and just think of the blessing that it is. We have prophets today that receive revelation for us… for each and everyone one of us. God still talks to his children and the heavens are not closed.  He has called prophets today to help us with our daily trials so that we can make it back to his presence. I don’t know about you guys but I’m soo grateful for that. I mean that just makes soo much sense to me. God is my father and wants me to return back to his presence so of course he is going to call people in these days to help us make it back to his presence. I feel like anyone that is a Christian and doesn’t believe in that needs to think a little harder haha.  I love conference and I can’t wait to get all the talks in the liohona to be able to study it a little more.  This Saturday is also changes. I think I am going to have a change. I have no idea where I will be going but I think I will have a change.  I love the mission and I love all of you guys.  Read the Book of Mormon and pray daily. I love you all and have a good week!

Elder Call

Pic of dope mineral pools that we visited today for our zone activity…we left super early this morning and got there at 8 so ya I’m sooo tired but it was a lot of fun.

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