Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas Family and Happy New Year (week 50)

Wow I can’t believe that this is my second Christmas I have had in the mission.  I can’t believe how time has flown. Loved talking with you family and I’m glad that you all had a good Christmas. I’m glad to hear about Elliot’s wedding and I’m glad it all went well. Not going to lie though I’m really sad that I missed 2 weddings of my closest cousins Elliot and Madeline. Glad to hear everything is going great back home.

Now as for me the highlight of this week was the baptism that I had this Saturday with an investigator that I have here in Salama. That was awesome and just makes me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose as a missionary. Also one of my investigators got baptized as well. It was supposed to be a family of investigators from Cubulco but the dad last second had a little problema with drugs and alchola but the good news is he really wants to change and just cried when he found out he couldn’t get baptized. I think that he is really repenting of what he did and he is planned to get baptized this Saturday. If he can get baptized this weekend then that would be the last person of the family in Cubulco to get baptized. That would just make me sooooo happy. Ya so that was a happy day and it made me happier that I was able to see the investigator from Cubulco get baptized. That is just the best.  Now Christmas was super fun for me also. I spent the night at the joven orphan house. Everybody there is members and it was a complete riot. Those joevenes are just crazy haha. I absolutely love all those guys.  At 12 midnight we went on top of our house and watched all the fireworks. Our house is like 5 stories tall probably the tallest building here in Salama and when you are on top you can see all of Salama.  So at 12 midnight everyone in all of Salama lights off all of their fireworks and it’s nuts. Like the huge ones in our country that you see on the 4th of July and ya those or legal. Literally one of the coolest things I have seen in my life. Every direction I looked there was just like a million fireworks going off. Seriously like 100 at the same time and I wish so bad you guys could have seen it.  It was absolutely nuts. Ya family so that’s all the time I have this week to write you guys. I love you all and have a happy new year.

Elder call

 My Comp and I going nuts  at 12 midnight on Christmas eve

dinner Christmas Eve

the guy in the stripe shirt is peter the boss guy of the this joven house. he is the man and i just love that guy sooo much. the other guys are just other jóvenes of the house

Edward the boss of the other joven house here in salama he is the man also

colocho or kevin maybe the funniest kid i have ever met



keki jugando jenga

Bonilla and i taking a tuk tuk for like 30 mins haha

Bonilla peter and i at dominos

dominos with Byron Geraldo and also known as canche and also peter

my comp Elder Tellez and I. We all baptized Saturday and there were 4 baptisms that day

keki and i

my misión president took my comp and i out to lunch today just us 4. it was soo fun and my misión president is just the best.

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