Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Changes (week 53)

I loved your letters as always fam.  Good to hear everyone is safe and didn’t commit suicide after the hard loss yesterday and dad I did sleep in my jersey Saturday. 

Well this week was nuts. My comp and I had to run around crazy all over Baja Verapaz for all sorts of things. We had to check houses, buy new beds, give out cell phones and do a million baptism interviews. Man it was nuts haha. It’s always a lot of fun though and I enjoy every second of it and especially when I ride on the buses. It’s just the best riding on them. Well not really that great but it is funny because I have never been on buses in my life outside of San Fran and it’s just hilarious I think. You guys should see how many people they put in some of these buses. It’s soo funny!!! As for my area well it’s coming along. We are having a really hard time finding the people who want to come to church. Although the church is in our area it’s still hard to get them to come. We are going to start focusing on the areas outside of the city because the people are a little more humble and receptive to our message.  I went on division this last week with an elder called Elder Colten. He is great and that day we worked like chuchos. We didn’t have any distractions from the zone and we just focused 100 percent on the work. It was great and we had a couple really powerful lessons. We found a couple good investigators that are good potentials for the future.  I love this area though… it’s great but it’s just a lot different than Cubulco. As for the families in Cubulco well the family that was going to get married this last week and baptized on Saturday couldn’t get married because they were missing a couple of papers. They are going to get married this week and baptized this week as well as the other family this week. So they will have 2 more families in that branch and pres is going to open another branch soon in Cubulco because they are just having so much success out there. Ya so I’m excited for this Saturday because those 2 families that I taught are going to get baptized and they want me to baptize them. Super exciting and I’m just so thankful the elders in that area are working and are not bad elders’ haha.  Well like the title of my letter says we had changes this week. My comp has a change and he is going to Peten. I am staying in Salama and I’m going to be training a new zl. Not a new missionary but just a person who hasn’t been zl before.  It’s going to be exciting but a lot of pressure because I only have 1 change here in Salama. Super exciting stuff. I also had my interviews with the pres that went great. The interview with Hermana Curtiss was great as well. We talked about the spirit and its role in our lives.  Like how if we don’t have the spirit then another spirit can enter… aka he who must not be named.  So we as members of the church who have been baptized need to have the spirit at all times so we don’t have the other one. Really interesting way to look at it. Also we talked about Abinidi and how when he was giving sincho to the king and the priests that he said he was full of the spirit so they couldn’t touch him. Interesting when you think about it and the same thing with Nephi and his hermanos.  Focus on having the spirit in your lives and strive to have its constant companionship. 

Love all of you and have a good week!

me with a ton of money to buy new beds and crap for the zone haha

a dope member in my ward his name is bryan

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