Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm not sick...(week 52)

 I loved getting your letters again this week family. I'm glad to hear that
the family is doing great that always makes me sooo happy. That little story
about Charlie is so funny. He is just the best.  That's super exciting about
Rachel going to Spain and I hope she learns Spanish so that we can talk when
I get back. That would be so fun.

Ya so I'm not sick anymore thank goodness.  I was soo done with that. Well
I'm still a little sick haha but not nearly as bad and I can go out and work
thank goodness.  I don't think I talked about it in my last letter but last
Monday we went to Coban for a conference of leaders. It's when all the zone
leaders of the mission go to a conference in Coban with the pres and we
receive instructions and stuff about how we can better our zones. Well the
conference was fantastic. just really great.  I felt the spirit super strong
like the entire time. The spirit just testified to me about everything we
were talking about and how it is true.  It just gave me so much animo to
work harder in our area and as a zone. It was fantastic really. We have that
like one time every month.  I'm really looking forward to the next one as
well. So as far as our area goes here in Salama we are having a lot of
trouble bringing people to church.  Nobody wants to go. It's horrible haha.
That seems to be the trend and has been the trend with this area for like
the last year. My comp and I are going to try something different this next
week though. We want to go work out of Salama in the Aldeas to see if the
people in those areas are more willing to make sacrifices to come to church.
We have got a couple potential investigators but they just need to go to
church. I did divisions with Cubulco this last week as well. It was great to
go back to that area and to see it again. I loooooovvvveee that area sooo
much. I got to see Adan, Maribell, and Joseline as well. They were just sooo
happy to see me and I was equally happy to see them.  I just received the
best news about Cubulco this last week as well. The first family that I
found in that area is Christian and Oneda.  Elder Fitzgerald and I found
them walking on the street our very first week in Cubulco.  I was walking
when we passed some man on the street. When we passed him I felt a really
strong impression to talk to him so we went back to talk to him. That guy
was Christian and we asked if we could visit him and we did.  We started to
visit him and his wife. He is 20 and his wife is 22. We taught them and they
were great and everything. They went to church 2 times with us. In fact they
prayed and received answers to their prayers. God answered their prayers.
how incredible is that? We also invited Christian to leave and make visits
with us and he did. He has such a strong testimony and shared it with our
other investigators. They have testimonies about the church and BoM. That
was just the best so of course we tried to put a baptism fecha with them.
That's when we learned that they are not married. We had to explain to them
that they need to get married before they can get baptized. They didn't want
to get married at first. We visited them like the next week and they
received an answer to their prayers that they needed to get married. So they
said they would but not until  March when the dad of Oneda gets back from
the states. That was good but also a bummer because at this time it was
November.  So in March would be a long time out. Well ever since I left that
area I have been calling them every week and giving them animo to get
married now so they can get baptized. Well  I called them this last week and
they said that they feel like they should get married now so they can get
baptized. Sooooo incredible!!!!!!! So they are going to get married this
week and get baptized on Saturday. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo happy like so
happy. I love those guys soo much. They also want me to baptize them and I'm
pumped for this Saturday. It's incredible how much success Cubulco is
having. Also another one of the families that I taught and found are going
to get married in 2 weeks. Incredible because I'm the one who put the fecha
with them and they are super motivated to lograrlo and get baptized in 2
weeks. I couldn't be happier. I love this work and those families right
there are why this work is true. People are changing their lives to get
baptized. Love you all fam and have a good week!!! If you didn't do the
self-check last week then do it this week. Really you should be doing it
every week.  I love you all and thanks for everything!!!

elder call

Pics of a waterfall we went to today and a monkey

bbqing at the aps house last Monday before concilio with all the other zls

only on the mission...


Josylin and her parents adan y maribell and me when I visited them on division 

this is my zone here in baja verapaz

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