Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 (week 51)

Loved your letters this week and I couldn’t agree with you more that we have the best family in the world both immediate and extended. Man, what you guys did for New Years is my dream. Going to sf to chill and just enjoy life. I mean it just doesn’t get any better than that. I’m glad you had a great day.

Well first off this past week I didn’t work a ton because I just about died haha. Monday I got sick as heck with a 102 fever and horrible stomach problems. Tuesday I did some tests and it turned out I have some freakin like parasite thing or something. The doctor of the mission said that I couldn’t do anything about it and that it would just pass with time. If I didn’t get better in 8 days then he would do something haha. So basically lunes, martes, wednesday, and jueves I didn’t even move. Luckily we have a lot of members and we were able to do divisions a lot. My comp would leave with a member and work and I would stay home and rest. It was the worst! I hate being sick. I mean so degrading to me because you guys know that I take pride in my killer immune system. The problem is that the freakin worm thing took me down this last week. The good news is that my stomach still hurts but that’s it. I don’t have to go to the bathroom every 2 seconds and I don’t have a killer fever. I was able to work fine on friday sabado and domingo. Well the highlight of this last week was definitely the baptism that Cubulco had. The last person to complete that entire family being baptized was awesome. It was the dad of the family and for him to get ready to be baptized was not easy. He had to stop several habits in his life completely and some of the habits go back to when he was 11. He has been doing these things for more than half of his life. Thanks to prayer the priesthood and faith he was able to conquer these addictions. It was the best because I got to do his interview. That was one of the most powerful moments of my entire life. The spirit was sooo strong. He really has such a strong testimony of the church and prayer. He can’t read but I could just feel his testimony even though he can’t read the ldm or any other church material.  Just a real blessing for me. Ya but really this interview was nuts and I was all teary eyed and he was just bawling. That’s just something I will never forget. I’m just sad I can’t go visit him all the time in Cubulco. I love that family so much and now they are all members of the church and really just a miracle. Not to mention they are dirt poor and have to travel to Rabinal every week to go to church which is not cheap. Oh also at the baptism service their daughter Joseline gave a talk. She is only 9 years old and she killed it up there. Scriptures, testimony, and everything… she is so incredible. I just love that family sooooo much. That was the best part of the week and I’m looking forward to finding new people to teach this next week. Love you all and have a good week. Never forget to pray and read the scriptures. Oh that’s another thing I learned this last week. I was talking to a member in church and he was talking to me about some people and how they have fallen into the path of wickedness before they could even realize it. What I mean by that is it was members that were great in the church and then fell away and now live a life of evil. He was explaining to me that when we forget or don’t do the little things in our life we invite the devil into our life. When we stop praying reading the scriptures and repenting we slowly go off of the straight and narrow path. That’s how the devil works and he is sneaky as heck. When we don’t do those little things the devil slowly comes into our life and takes it over. I want everyone who reads this letter to do a self-survey this week. Read chapter 5 of Alma and see if you are living your life the way Christ taught us. If not well that’s alright if we change. Get on your knees and repent, pray, read the scriptures, and if you need to talk to church leaders. This life is no joke and the little things count. Don’t ever forget to pray and read the scriptures. Those small things have power and will propel you towards eternal life with your families. I love you all again so much and have a good week. And do the self check!!!!!!

elder call

Adan and his beautiful family

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