Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I have no idea what to put for my subjects anymore (week 45)

Hey team loved your letters this week. Man I didn’t even know that it was thanksgiving this week haha. Ya so to answer your questions no I don’t think they celebrate that here. I’ll tell you what though they are always celebrating something and I don´t get it.  Man thanksgiving without john and ann that’s weirder then heck.  I can´t believe it because that has been thanksgiving for the last 15 years. What a crazy change. All I ask is that next year for thanksgiving we are all together haha. Great to hear that grandpa brown is recovering well.  Ella, I loved your letter too. Glad to hear everything is going well.  How do you like theater and how is it being in middle school?
Well the big thing for this week is that I found a house in Cubulco to live in finally. So my comp and I will be moving back there shortly because we are taking a bus from Rabinal to Cubulco to work and then from Cubuclo back to Rabinal to sleep every day.  Ya so we found a house and it’s such a dope house as well.  It will be nice working in Cubulco full time again because the other elder who got hurt in Rabinal is now back in Rabinal.  The only thing is we are really not working full time over there because the last bus leaves at like 5:30 so we lose something like 3 hours of working every night.  It’s all good though because we have a house and we are going to move back there tomorrow.  Ya so all I can say about this week is it was full of miracles. Not big ones but little ones and it’s such a testimony builder for real. I have never had a point in my life where I have felt the lord’s help in my life so much. I can literally feel his hand guiding us along with finding new investigators, with teaching, knowing how to teach, and with finding a house to live in this week.  The odds are always against us but we always manage to do fine.  I really wish I could tell you over email but I really can´t because it just won’t do it justice how I feel. My testimony has grown more here in Cubulco then any other place in my mission I think.  This week especially and I don’t know exactly why but my comp and I were just walking with the spirit and it’s like Jesus was walking right there with us. We talked to everyone and everyone wanted to listen to us. We put like 5 new fechas out this week as well. None are for sure going to get baptized as of right now but getting fechas is a start. We just taught like a ton of like small super super spiritual lessons.  Ya so basically I am loving the mission and it is the freaking best. It kinda makes me sad when I think that I only have one year left because I wouldn´t really mind doing this for the rest of my life haha.  The church is true and that is a fact and if you guys don’t have a strong testimony get one. It’s not that freaking hard just pray, do your part, and be humble.  Love you all and have a good week.
Elder Call

Some pics I took while riding on the bus...

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