Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fam Bam (week 44)

Wow so Kessler was fired I feel bad but man I’m not surprised.  I’m actually surprised it took this long to do it haha.  Ya so I loved your letters this week like always and they always keep me motivated when I know I have the support back home. Grandpa Brown is so funny.  I can´t believe he is still riding that motorcycle haha. He is the best.
Ya so in case you guys haven’t seen the calendar I hit a year this last week. 1 year.. how in the world has it been 1year since I was at home?  For me the year has gone byyyyy soooo fast. Like 1 year to be honest literally feels like I have been gone for 3 months nada mas. The time is flying by. Ya me voy. haha bromas I still have so much time left haha.  To answer your question mom its nuts speaking a different language. It’s weird I don´t have to think to speak either now.  It’s just who I am.  It’s dope though  switching from Spanish to English like a million times a day.  Crazy though when you think about it and I love it. Ya so the reason that I am writing you today is because I went to Coban yesterday so my comp could go down to the cap to sign his visa thing. Ya so I stayed in Coban for 2 nights which was great because I got to see all my friends. Man I passed my old area on the way to Coban and I miss it so much. I love every one of the areas I have had sooo much.  I freaking miss Coban. It’s soo cold there and I love it because I’m freaking sick of the heat haha.   So my area is great though out here in Cubulco and I will be going to Cubulco again this week. I will be moving from Rabinal to Cubulco. My comp and I just need to find a new house.  Man I love Cubulco but we are having some trouble there right now. We have 8 people right now who want to get baptized and none of them can. 2 families because they can’t get married and 4 people can’t get permission from their family members.  We need your prayers out here because I need a miracle.  All 8 of them attend church and want to get baptized… it’s tough. Ya so that’s the latest on my area.  I love the mission. I really do it’s the best. It makes me kinda sad knowing I only have a year left.  I know that that is soo much time but it goes by soo fast haha. Love you all and can´t wait to hear from you next week.
Elder call

we freaking bought a giant ice cream cake for my 1 year.  i though that it was going to be cake and ice cream but it was all ice cream in the shape of a cake.  we bought the biggest one that had 15 portions and we ate it all with 3 people. i wanted to puke and i promised myself i was never going to eat ice cream again we will see how long that will last.


when i saw this thing it reminded me of elder rojas haha

burned a white shirt for my year that's the tradition in the mission. tie at 6 months and shirt at a year

living in guat is like having the circus at your house all day. like look how incredible this is. those things are huge and heavy haha

some weird freakin dance that i still don´t understand why they do it

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