Friday, August 2, 2013

Hey Team (week 28)

Hey guys I’m ok trust me. The answer is no I never knew elder burton. He was a zl in coban and I have only heard good things about him. A lot of people are really really sad in the mission which makes me sad. Ya he was in a jalon and flew of a cliff I guess. He went flying into a rock is what I heard but I’m not really sure. He broke his back and ruined his head. It’s really sad. His brother entered the mtc the day he died also. What a trooper. Pray for that fam holy cow. Elder Ortega my old comp was also involved in the incident but I don´t think anything too bad happened to him.
As for me well this past week and the week I’m entering will be interesting. My comp leaves in a week so he has just about checked out. I’m trying so hard to keep him motivated but he is stressed more than anything. He is dirt poor from the domican and is stressed and the reason is well because he doesn´t think his mom has food to feed him when he gets back. How crazy. Man I have never been grateful for food before. I mean to the point to where I don´t have it if that makes sense. He has like no idea what to do for work either when he gets back and there are no jobs where he lives. Poor guy pray for him too. So ya naturally he is really baggy as we say in the mission. Doesn´t have very much motivation to work as hard as we should. We are still working though so don´t worry. As far as our investigators we received another reference. Her name is daisy and her husband is a less active. We have met with her like 3 times now and she is pilas. Its seems like she really wants to progress and find out if the church is true. That’s the most important part. If the people really want to find out if it is true they will do what’s necessary to get an answer. So ya pray for her to receive an answer and for her husband because he needs a strong testimony too. Something that’s interesting is the main reason the guy wants to go back to church again is because he wants to raise his kids with good values. He and his wife know how nuts the world is and how important the values we learn in the church are. Interesting thought I think so ya we still have those other families who are progressing which is always great. They just have some little challenges they need to work on. As for me I’m perfect and loving life. Spittin Spanish. Haha and the only gringo in san jose. By the way I think I am going to be in san hoe another change. I can´t imagine them whitewashing the area so I will have like 7 and a half months in the area if that’s true haha crazy. I love the area but 6 months is a long time hahaha. Anyway loved your letters and your stories. Dad good luck with the marathon and mom freakin take the model offer hahaha.
   Dad there is a secret I have been keeping from you and oh gosh I’m nervous. Ok well I think I want to run a marathon when I get back to the states. Well I don´t think I’m going to. So ya there it is I was going to tell you when I talked with you on the phone like on mother’s day but I panicked and didn´t haha. So ya marathon haha and also have like 8 other friends in the miss committed to doing it too haha. Love you all and have a good week. Ella and Charlie love you both too
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