Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I got a change...(week 29)

Hey family loved getting your letters as always. Man I’m so happy you guys are at the cabin. That’s the best. We really are just so blessed to have a place like that. Its heaven! So as for me I found out yesterday after church that I have a change. I found out like 12 hours earlier then everyone else because I had to go to Coban with my comp in the morning which was this morning. So yesterday was the worst day of my life. I thought I was going to stay so the entire week my comp was saying bye to all the people and I was just like see you next week. Then boom I have a change. I had to spend the entire afternoon running around to all the people’s houses saying goodbye. I was really happy to have a change at first but then I didn’t even want one. I was so sad. I love all the people in san jose sooo much. I can’t believe it. I didn’t even realize it until I had to say goodbye. I know like everyone in the entire town so I was just saying bye to everyone that I walked by haha. The hardest people to say goodbye to were Delfina my convert she cried which was terrible. Also Wilmer and Catorina I love them both so much. The other hard family to say bye to was Chino and his family. They are less actives but I really got close to them and they were always sooooo nice to me when I was first starting out with Spanish. They would sit and listen to me fumble my word. Believe it or not but most people just would say wow you need to work on your Spanish or just interrupt me and start a new conversation haha. The people were not that nice about my Spanish haaha. Anyway I said bye to Chino really quick and it was sad. He seemed really sad as well. That night I got to the house to pack and the phone rang. It was chino. He called me crying thanking me for my service and the love I have for his family and kids. He felt sick to his stomach because he couldn’t cook me food before I left because I didn’t have time. So he said he had something to bring to my house and like 5 minutes later he came to my house and brought a sweet Mayan carving thing. It was sooo nice of him and I will remember that forever. Also a little saying how much I have done for their family even though they still hadn’t gone back to church yet. Anyway it was soooo sad. I love the people there soo much. The branch and everything about it down to the tuk tuk drivers or the construction workers in front of my house that whistle at every girl that walks by hahah. Wow it really was hard leaving the area. Packing was also terrible because I had no idea I was going to have a change so I had everything to pack. I got it all in there thank goodness. Took me like 3 hours but I did it. We left this morning for a bus at 5 to go to Santa Elena. At 6 got a bus to go to Coban. It was a 5 hour bus ride throughout the most beautiful areas I have ever seen. I didn’t know that mountains existed here. They are huge and covered in trees like a forest on the mountain. Its nuts and this freaking country is soooo beautiful its crazy. So ya right now I am in the office of the mission in Coban and it’s freezing. Well not really at all but it’s a lot colder then where I was at. But I mean it is actually cold. Like mom you would need a winter coat. Coban from what I can tell seems really cool. It’s cool in temperature and the vibe is really cool. It’s up in the mountains and sooooo green. Thailand was incredibly green too but like a light green. This is a dark foresty green. Ya so I have to wait until tomorrow to get my change. Where I am going to go I don’t know but I am out of Peten. I’m also a day earlier here because I had to come with my comp to take his English test. That’s why I found out my change early also because I had to come today in the morning instead of tomorrow in the morning. Man I wish so bad you guys were here to see what I saw today. It’s ridiculously pretty. Also the people down here are more indigenous. There are a bunch of people who speak different dialects and wear native clothing. It’s really cool. It’s a lot different here than in Peten. Ya so not until next week will you know where I am at. Love you all and have a good week at the cabin. Also I was laughing so hard at Charlie’s little gaming thing. Such a funny kid.

this is an old picture of chino and his family

church on the isla de flores

wilmer and catorina

wimer and his wife

marvin pretty much the only person that left with us in the nights

rojas and i again

me and that crazy guy again.

delfina and her husbands family

oscar and his family. he drove us to church every sunday

we had to cross a river at one point to get to the other side on our adventure here today

 rojas and i on the bus down here

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