Tuesday, August 20, 2013

San Cristobal (week 31)

Hey guys, hebgen sounded like a total blast. I’m so glad that you had so much fun and man I wish I was there. Luckily the only time I thought about you guys being up there was today and last Monday. The rest of the week I just forgot haha. Man, can you believe that it was 1 year ago that I was in Thailand? What the freak? Like how fast did that year go…that’s crazy to me? Thailand was the best and I think about it just about every night before I go to bed haha.
Man I really love my area and my comp. My comp was sooo strict my first change with him because he told me that he wanted to make sure I was a good missionary. Now he is still strict but isn’t giving me sincho over every little thing. He was like you are my kid and now you’re grown up and you have to make your own choices haha. It’s the best though because he is so fun and we just work so hard every day. Not that I wasn’t working before but with Rojas it’s just different. Rojas is sooo slow and takes forever to do anything and now with Bonilla he is like me. We work fast, walk fast, teach fast, and are effective so it’s the best. It’s seriously the best. I have fallen asleep in my missionary clothes several times…we just get to the house and boom I’m asleep in like 2 minutes haha it’s so satisfying. The area is tough though but we don’t think about that. The lord knows what we have to work with and how to bless us. We have a great amount of investigators that want to know more about the church and are reading the book of Mormon but none came to church yesterday which is the worst. You feel like you failed god…seriously it’s the worst feeling in the world. Other than that the week was good and we had some incredible lessons. For one lesson we went to the house of one of our menus activos. He has been less active his entire life. He makes shoes in his house and his boss was there. We taught them both and it was incredible. The spirit was soo strong and the boss was so humble. He said that our message just makes sense. It’s like the teachers in the mtc told us. They would always say the church and the plan for us isn’t new to investigators they just need to be reminded. This man is unbelievably prepared for the gospel. He had such good questions and when we talked about the restoration it was the best. He wants to come to church and we didn’t even invite him. He was just like ya when I am in town again I am going to go to church. He lives in Isaball, which is like 14 hours from here, but in the near future he said he is going to move to our town. There is no doubt that this man will join the church with his family. This man is going to be a leader in the church. Not a general authority but a leader in the local building. it was very cool even though I probably won’t see him get baptized but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that he does get baptized. We had a soccer activity at the church Saturday where they just kept the gates opened all day and the local kids could come play soccer. We got some good references from that and taught a really good lesson with a couple of the kids that wanted to learn more. We visited them yesterday wayyyy up in the Mountains after church. It was soooooo cool. We were in this little shack teaching all these kids about the gospel and they all listened and were asking good questions. When I bore my testimony at the end about the gospel the spirit was sooo strong. I had teary eyes and I know the kids felt it. The kids are leaving to go work all this week and don’t know when they are going to return but hopefully we can teach them again in the future. By the way, the kids were like 15 to 22 years old. It was one of the coolest lessons I have had. Saturday we did service at the hospital and chopped weeds for 4 hours. We also climbed a giant water tower and it was soo scary…like 120 feet in the air and you know how much I hate heights. We made it to the top and took some cool pics of the area. Ya so that was the week. love you all and have a good week.
elder call

oh freak i forgot we fasted this week and wrote reminders on our hands. we were at investigators house and she was picking leaves from a tree at her house and i asked if i could eat the leaves just joking i ate the leaf and was about so swallow it when my comp reminded me i almost broke my fast for a little tiny leaf just trying to be funny hahahaha. we laughed for a hour about that haha

digging a poop hole like 4 meters deep haha it was hot and tough but i knew that every shovelful of dirt was another successful bowel movement for the family. we did this Tuesday

 look who i found reading general conferance talks

 on top of giant water tower

 the people we did service with

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