Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yo Yo (week 27)

I loved your letters team as always… seriously they are the best. Thanks for not telling me about tanners mission call until this week haha I had no idea he was going on a mission. I thought he was still like 12 haha. Seriously, I still picture tanner as a little kid. How is he old enough to be going on a mission haha. I love that kid so much haha. Man life at the house seems dope. Poolside, bbqs, family and friends staying at our house… summer is the best. Freak and ben in Hawaii right now…man that’s so great. I’m happy for him. He is living the life right now.
As for me, this week was crazy. We ate at pizza hut Monday and I woke up at 12 midnight that night with a pain in my stomach like I have never experienced before. From then on out I was on the toilet all night with a bucket in front of me…yacking and the runs... horrible. I can deal with those 2 things but on top of that I had the worst pain in my stomach. Oh my gosh I hurt so bad and I had myself convinced all my organs were shutting down…hahaha I had my comp give me a blessing when I was on the throne at like 2:30 in the morning because I couldn’t leave. haha What a trooper haha. Ya so that was hell. haha I was sick until Wednesday night so I missed 2 days of work which blew. There was nothing to do in the house but read the scriptures. Ya so I’m all better now though. The mission pres and his wife were really concerned about me though so they called me like 4 times a day Tuesday and Wednesday. Great first impression with the new pres of me dying haha. Ya all is good now but wow that was terrible. Friday I actually had interviews with the pres. He seems great and we really get along. I’m really excited to have him as my mission pres. As far as Sister Curtis well she is great but different than Hermana Watts. Hermana Watts is an angel. Sister Curtis is great though and I really love her. She said something to me that really stuck with me. She started to get teary eyed during our interview and said thank you for being worthy to serve a mission and to serve my people of Guatemala. She is chapina so she is from this country. It was really cool to hear that. I love her for that and I won´t forget what she said when the work gets tough. I couldn´t help but be a little teary eyed myself. Ok, another thing that happened this week that was life changing is there’s a cute little family that got sealed this week in the temple. Sunday the pres gave them a little time to talk about the experience. These people have nothing they are so poor. The other elder in san andreas was born in san andreas (his first area of mission). He baptized this wife and husband a year ago and now he’s back in the same area in the same branch. He paid for their visit to the temple. When the guy got up he started talking about the experience and he then mentioned elder adams name and looked at him and starting weeping and thanking him for teaching him about this church. He talked more about the experience and testified that it is the home of the lord. I was weeping like a baby. It was the happiest I have been in my entire life to see the change in this man’s life. I am crying right now typing about it. When he walked back to his seat from the pulpit to sit with his wife and kids I just watched the looks on their faces. They were so happy…the dad, wife, and 3 little kids, no older than 5, are going to be together forever. That’s what it’s about and that’s why I am here. Seriously, maybe the happiest I have been in my entire life. Wow, so after church we headed to the hospital to give the sacrament to some jovenes that had gotten into a motorcycle accident. One of them was unconscious for a day and the other compound fractured his arm. OH MY GOSH I had no idea how bad the hospital is here. Ya it’s the hospital paid for by the gov but wow let me just say that I couldn’t even find any soap. I used the bathroom and couldn´t find soap to wash my hands. So ya that kinda explains it. The hospital was like a million degrees and the people waiting to be operated on are placed in a room with like 6 other patients in the room with a tiny little fan. The floor was dirty…everything was pretty much dirty with needles all over the place…like I really can’t even describe that place. It was more like a prison than a hospital…I can´t really explain how shocking it was. One of the other missionaries wanted to visit the emergency room to see if we couldn’t find anything else interesting. Well we found it and walked right in haha. I probably better not say what we saw but let me just say it was like a horror movie in real life. People were dying all over the place and guts on the table…sorry I will stop there. Ya just imagine the worst and that’s what it was like. We were there Sunday morning and Saturday night is when the drunks leave the bars, get on their motorcycles, and end up in the hospital. Ya so it was quite the experience and makes me so thankful for the hospitals in the states which is something I never even thought of until yesterday. Crazy… remember when I compound fractured my hand at Lacrosse and ended up staying two nights at the hospital? Man, I was treated like a king, given a comfy bed, food, juice, and a private bathroom…just crazy compared to the hospital here. Well that was a crazy week! Love you all family and have a good week!
elder call

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