Tuesday, August 13, 2013

loved your letters this week haha..(week 30)

Hey thanks for the letters hahah. I'm kidding...just trying to make you guys feel bad haha. I bet the cabin was an absolute blast haha. You guys are so lucky. Ya team so I have had a change and I’m in Coban up in the mountains and its completely different then where I was. Peten is flat and hot. Here it’s cold and it rains like every day. It is mountains and pine trees and its sooo weird haha. It’s completely different then where I was. My comp is elder Bonillo which is my dad in the mission. Weird I know haha. Ya so we are together again and lovin it. We were only together for one change in Peten. It’s fun thougha and I’m glad I’m with him again. My area is good but it’s just going to be tough like San Jose. We have like 2 members in our area that can leave with us in the nights and the rest of the members work or have something else going on. So it’s going to be hard again working with the members. It’s not like that’s new though haha. The branch is a lot smaller too then my last one. My last branch had 125 in sacrament usually and this one has like 45 usually attending. My area is huge also like sooo big haha. It’s cold though so I love walking all day haha. Oh something funny the pride of Guat is like a world winning speed walker. That speed walker grew up in San Cristobel which is my area. Everyone loves him and he is the pride of the country. I’m just like you are kidding me? He is a speed walker… who cares about that? haha. It’s so funny though and the people just love him. In the main square of our area there is a big statue of him winning silver in the Olympics haha. I think that is really funny. The people in my area are great and they are more educated people here then where I was last which is great. The people understand what we are saying. There are like 80 percent indigenes people here and they speak Pokimchee or something like that. It’s a weird crazy dialect. We don’t have to learn it though because everyone speaks Spanish and this language too. It’s a lot different though then Peten. It’s like a different culture here. All the women use corte, its like their native clothing. Google corte so you can see what it looks like. It’s really cool. My area has a lake in it again too haha. It’s cool though because I’m way up in the mountains. We live in the house of a lady the missionaries call Hermanita. She is the best and I heard about her when I was in Peten. She just loves the missionaries. She cooks for us every day and her food is sooo good. She is such a sweet lady. She isn’t a member because well I don’t know why but she loves the elders and she is the best. This area also is like a town so there are stores and stuff so we don’t have to travel like an hour away to do anything but missionary work. Today we came down to Coban to play soccer with the other zone so that’s where I am right now. Coban is the biggest city in our mission. Coban is sooo awesome. I love it here so much. As far as our investigators well there is not that many because the pres white washed the area so it’s like we are opening it. It’s tough but fun. We have a few investigators. We helped a family move houses that we have been teaching yesterday. That took like all day around 6 hours haha. They are great and I love this family. The wife received an answer about the book of Mormon which is so great. We just have to work more with the husband and then we will baptize them. There have been three baptisms in our area in the last year so this would be a miracle. Pray for them and the people in my area. In my area as well there are a bunch of little towns outside the city way up in the mountains that we visited this week. They are like 8 miles to get there and 8 miles back. Its sooo far but it’s the best because these people live so humbly and I swear they have never seen a cell phone. It’s such a crazy life up in these villages like little 12 year olds with babies and stuff haha. Such a different world…speaking of a different world, today I saw a woman walking on the street just stop, squat, and go number 2. Can you imagine if that happened in the states? haha. Any pole there is on the street is fair game for number 1 for both women and men haha. I also saw a drunk guy walk into a busy street and get hit by a bike and then a car. Ya so I’m living quite a different life here in Guat haha. It’s the best though. Can’t wait to hear from you all and love you soo much.
elder call

Oh I almost forgot haha yesterday in church I walked around the entire 3 hours before somebody finally had the guts to tell me I had a huge hole in my pants on my butt haha. Are you kidding me…pretty good first impression I think don’t you? hahaha

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