Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Really weird week (week 25)

Ya so as you can tell by the subject it was a crazy week haha. So as you know I have a new mission president. Well he changed the changes in our mission and so that means that now this change is 4 semanas instead of 6. So ya mom I come home 2 weeks earlier haha. Ya so right now I should have a change to a new area but because of this weird changer thing we are in week 3 of the next change and everybody is staying in their areas. So I am going to kill my companion and what I mean by that is he goes home in 1 month and the last comp in the mission is the person that kills them in missionary words and vocab. so ya I’m going to kill him. He leaves so soon. So the news about that is that I will have another 4 weeks here in my area and probably another 6 also. Because when my comp leaves to his house I’m probably not going to get a change and leave the area because the president probably won’t want to white wash the area or put all new missionaries in the area because they will know nothing about the area. So I probably have about 10 more weeks or 9 more weeks here in this area. Crazy huh so I am going to have about 8 months in my first area which isn’t normal at all haha. Ya also this week my other comp elder cosigua left for mexico. He was here in this mission just waiting for his visa. He got his visa and he bounced he is probably in his new area in Mexico right now. As far as the work this week it wasn’t the best. My comps where sick the entire week minus Friday and Saturday. So we had barely any time to work. They were both sick with something in the stomach. I don’t know if I have told you this until this week but I have been sick pretty much my entire mission. Ok this might be too much details but I sooooo took the food and being healthy in the states for granted. I have had diarrhea my entire mission or also called bu. Bu stands for something and it means the same thing but I would rather not say the significance in this letter for the sake of the people that are going to read it. Ya I have had diarrhea about 3 times and week after week. I just learn to live with it and ya you can imagine there have been a couple of accidents. I will leave those stories to tell you in person. Let me just say to the people reading this letter… here is something you can thank god for in your prayers… regular bowel movements and I’m serious. Only dad probably knows what I’m going through and the others that have served mission in Latin countries. So ya I think about Dustin’s response about being sick all the time. “Dustin did you get sick a lot on your mission?” Dustin’s response was “no I only got sick once and it just lasted 2 years” haha so true. haha so funny. Anyway my area is good right now. We don’t have any fechas but we have a couple really good familias that we are working with right now and both of which came to church which is a big deal for my area. I will let you know more about them in the future and if they continue to progress. Also the highlight of this week was going to jombampiche which is another little town that is part of our area but is like 2 hours away on bus. The town is about 23 kilometers passed san pedro on our side of the lake. The problem is we have to go all the way around the other side of the lake to get there. so Saturday we went. Only my comp and I are crazy enough to spend the money and go there and try to spread the gospel so we did. We were the first Mormon missionaries that have been there we believe because everybody was looking at us confused and everybody asked who we were but usually the people already know that we are Mormons.Sso ya that was super cool. Every house that we contacted we got into. We only got to see like a tiny bit of the town because every house we knocked or I guess clapped outside we got in haha. It was a really cool experience though. We are like the pioneers of that little village. The town was great though and everybody was really receptive and everybody seemed so prepared to receive the gospel. The only problem is that it is super far and that the church is super far also but the dream is to baptize 2 families there and they can start a little branch. How cool would that b? Unfortunately we probably should focus more on our area of san jose because there the people can actually go to church. That’s all I have to say about this week. I loved your letters about the 4th. Oh quick story I didn’t realize it was the Fourth of July because I only look at my watch for the date and it only has the number of the months. So I had no idea it was until my comp who isn’t even from the states brought it up. So we had to make a quick little trip to an everything for 3 quatzals store and buy firecrackers. So that’s what we did and that’s how I celebrated that night haha. I love you all and have a good week!

 firecrackers that we bought and lit them off in our backyard}
 me and a pig head in a butcher shop in a meat market haha

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