Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hey Team (week 26)

HEYYY CHARLIE HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY. Man I love that kid, I can’t believe he is 7, where has time gone? I still think of that kid as a 4 year old…what the heck and I think of Ella as 7. Where is time going? I literally can´t believe that haha and what am I doing on a mission? I feel like I just got out of junior high haha…man, that’s just crazy. I’m sure you guys are loving life right now. The best time of the year at home is this time right now. Eating outside every day and swimming. It’s the best haha. Oh, and Charlie, there is a little girl that has the same birthday as you in our branch and we went over to her house and ate cake with her but I was secretly pretending that I was eating cake celebrating your birthday. When we sang happy birthday I put your name in the song and not Florcita’s name haha…love you buddy. Wow family what a week. The weeks are really starting to fly by holy cow. I lose track of the days. I feel good about my Spanish right now too which feels great. I can speak without thinking now which is soooo cool and really weird. My Spanish is far from perfect but the people can understand me and I can understand just about everything they are saying to me which is sooo great. One less thing I have to worry about. It really is so weird speaking in another language like so weird haha. Ya as for this week my comp hit his 23 months mark so we celebrated by buying some martinellis which was fun haha. The weather in Petén now has changed. It is still hot as heck but it rains every day. Just about every day in the afternoon and I freaking broke my umbrella. Man I’m so mad about that. Basically it’s my hobby to throw rocks at dogs it’s like my favorite thing to do here. So I was walking with my umbrella in one hand and I was getting ready to throw the rock. Boom the dog is in position and I launch the rock at the dog but ooohhhhh noooooo in my follow through of my throw my hand gets caught up in the umbrella and I snapped the little metal part. So the umbrella was extended above my head and my hand got caught in the little metal part that extends to open the umbrella if that makes sense. Well I’m paying for it now because now every day in the afternoon I get freaking soaked walking from place to place. The only thing that isn´t wet are my feet thank goodness. The freaking Bargain Den at Cabellas I love that store…what a place. I seriously have people always talking about my boots from there. For example, on the bus ride to Santa Elena for zone meeting there is a little kid that yells out the window to tell people where the bus is going. At first I was like why do they have that little kid yelling that when the bus says where it is going? Then I realized it is because like half of everyone here can´t read. Sad huh but ya the kid’s dad was the driver and he kept on talking to his dad thinking I couldn’t understand him. Wow this gringo has weird eyes. Wow this gringo is rich. This gringo has a weird face. This gringo is rich because look at his boots. On and on so after about 30 mins of only talking about me I told the little freaking kid I could understand him and to stop talking. haha it was so funny because he was saying super mean and rude things about me but then i called him out and he was soooooo embarrassed hahaha It was so funny and my comp laughed for an hour. Let me tell you when Rojas laughs holy cow he laughs he laughs and laughs man I wish you could hear his laugh hahha. Love the guy. As far as the work in our area right now it’s actually going surprisingly well. We have 2 really great families that are really progressing. We had 4 people in church yesterday which is like a miracle haha. The only problem with the families that we are teaching is that in both families the parents are not married. So before they get baptized, if they get to that point, they have to get married first. So I probably won’t be here if they get baptized but I planted the seeds and that is really what matters most. They are so great and I really love these families so much. I will have take some pictures so you can see them. Family, I know I have told you this a ton but say your prayers. God listens and sometimes we don´t realize it but we really are talking to someone in our prayers. Not just someone but god so make your prayers real and like a conversation. He wants to hear from us and he wants to help us. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
elder call

me and a giant tree that looks like it goes up to heaven haha
 drinking cider
 my comp burning all his clothes he doesn´t want including a tie pants suit jacket and shirt. that's the tradition for the end of the mish i probably wont do that though haha

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