Friday, July 5, 2013

Holy Freak that Scared Me (week 24)

I got on the first computer at this computer place and a bunch of crap came on the screen. I plugged in my memory from my camera and more stuff popped out I was like freak virus I unplugged my memory and went to the other computer and I found all my pictures deleted and a virus on the card. I freaked out and was like comp help me. Calmly he went into his backpack grabbed a memory and plugged it in. In the memory it had a program to destroy the virus and restore my photos. So ya I just about cried. I have all my photos still and everything and downloaded this program onto my memory. Ya so the reason I am writing you all today is because yesterday we went to Tikal again and we got back to late and I didn´t have time to use internet and catch the bus so here we are. I still can´t believe that mad is married that totally freaks me out. Bens hair is still looking incredible and don´t think i didn´t catch him wearing my watch haha. That’s all right i gave him permission on mother’s day and the wedding was a good occasion to use it. Yes so I am officially in Coban i have a new president. pres Curtis but I still have not met him. So pres and sister watts are no longer my parents here in the mission. I said my last goodbye the last Tuesday a week ago it was super sad. We had zone conference with them. At the end they wanted to take pics with everyone. When it was my turn I was super sad I love pres watts but Hermana watts there is nobody like her in the world she is a saint. She started bawling and we couldn´t even take the photo for like 5 mins it was so sad. I love those people especially Hermana watts haha. I’m still sad but excited to have a new pres. the pres wife is 100 percent chapiin. chapin is to guatamalteca as gringo is to white people. Apparently she has a different kind of love for the missionary’s haha. She gives sincho like nobody’s business haha. I still don´t know them I have only heard rumors. The tri companionship is still great. I love my comps so much I’m serious and not just saying that. We laugh all day. Elder rojas the one from the domican doesn´t back down in arguments so when we argue we argue for like 2 hours because I’m the same way. Its great we aren’t mad at each other just arguing which is sooooo fun. For example I hate bugs so I went around our house with raid and a candle. Yes raid is flammable so I blowtorched every bug in our house to the afterlife. Rojas however said it’s bad to kill bugs like almost as bad as killing humans. We argued about that for like 3 and half hours. It was soooo funny. He wouldn´t back down. I was like there is no commandment anywhere that says you can’t kill insects’ haha. He was like it’s an abomination to god I was like if it’s so bad why is there no commandment or scripture haha. Anyway it was hilarious and I love both my comps so much haha. I have been in the my area for about 6 months. I love my area but I’m about ready to leave haha. I think I should have a change but we’ll see. With the new president who doesn´t know the missionaries I wouldn´t be surprised if there wasn´t a whole lot of changes. This change we had a baptism Saturday which was great. Their wedding was Friday so her husband who is a member and rm baptized her. Iit was really cool. They have a date to get sealed for ever and ever set in 1 year from now. Super cool. The baptism itself was nut.  I was so stressed. So much crazy stuff happened.  I had to give a blessing to a person that we chose to give a talk because she was sick and she wanted the blessing before the baptism so I had to do that with a ton of other stuff on my mind. At the end after the baptism we bought refreshments but we didn´t buy enough cups so last minute elder cocigua and I ran out the church trying to find a  teinda with cups and we needed more cookies too. It was nuts. So we ran out of there and all the teindas were closed. Terrible because it was late. We ran I swear a mile and didn´t find anything so we had no choice. Saturday night all the bars were open so we went to a bar to find cups and got made fun of by the drunks. I made the decision to shake the drunks hand bad call he wouldn´t let go so I waited for 15 seconds. When my comp had cups he yanked my hand out of his and ran the heck out of there. Oh no but there were dogs and what do dogs like to do chase things. So we had like 10 dogs who wanted to kill us along with the drunks as we were trying to run as fast as we could back to the church. We almost died. We got back to the church and i immediately had to give a blessing to a dying lady that was nuts. I was sweating so much and I was dripping sweat off my arms onto her. mid  prayer I opened my eyes and she had a huge beetle in her hair and it freaked me out and made me move which distracted my comp from the blessing and also which splashed a bunch of more sweat on the poor old lady. She was drenched by the end. haha That’s just a few things that happened that night it was nuts. I couldn´t calm down and sleep forever. The baptism really was special  even though I couldn’t feel the spirit because I was to stressed all night haha. Her smile though and knowing that she was clean of her sins was good enough for me. Great and memorable nigh.t I filled up 3 pages in my journal of all the things that happened Monday. I went to Tikal again which was cool. I met a dude at the top of a temple from Napa and we began to talk for like 30 minutes. At the end I told him about what I do here and stuff. He is 20 and by himself and he had a ton of questions. At the end I gave him a book of Mormon and told him to go to Mormon. org.  He said he would. He said he would talk to the missionaries in cali also. I told him to tell the missionaries that he was contacted by a missionary at the top of a temple in guat. haha That missionary is going to be sooo jealous. The top of a temple made by the  nephites or lamanites in a lugar where possibly Jesus walked haha nuts. Love you all and hope that you have another good week.

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