Thursday, June 27, 2013

you guys need to get workin in la obra misional... (week 23)

hey family loved getting your letters again this week they always are one of the highlights of my week. sounds like you guys had a heck of a week in for the wedding and all the family that was in town that sounds fantastic. really put me baggy for about 20 minutes thinking about all the crazy fun you guys were having im happy you guys got to have that good time.

well as far as my week it had its up and downs. again with the obra in our area we are having some trails. we are having a really hard time getting investigators to progress like i tell you every week. we can knock doors all day everyday and nothing not one guy will progress but all will listen and act like they care haha. so we are really just trying to figure out the best way to progress our investigators. ill tell you the key to missionary work. here is a little secret the missionaries are not the most important part. not even close. its the members 90 percent the members. references are everything. with a reference the investigator will have a friend in the church and will be more likely to go to church. also when we have a member with us and they are talking and teaching the investigator is more likely to listen and to relate. as missionaries we can bring the spirit and know what to teach but the member is key. sometimes people think we are just machines trying to get people to come to church and that we don{t care about them or anything. when we have a real person of the same town as them they will be more likely to focus and listen. now as missionaries we study everyday and follow the spirit on how we can teach the people and not teach the lesson. we pray that we can connect with the people more and be there friend and to trust us. that being said like i said arriba members are everything. so family and other people that read this letter is help the missionaries with references. the reason i say all this is because last night we had the opportunity to watch a broadcast from provo with the 12 and all the new missionaries in the mtc and mission presidents. i don{t know if you saw it but if you didn{t find it and watch it. the video brought me to tears several times. how important this work is. the time to act is now. we only have this life to act and then down its over. well you know minus the spirit world but in even there we will be the same person and have the same desires. but anyway these are souls we are talking about people children of god and we as members as the church need to work. it is our duty to help the mission work and to help the members. if we don{t then wouldn{t you guys think its a little selfish not to share. oh we get eternal life and get to be with our family's forever others don{t. we need to say something to them so they have the choice to deny the truth or accept it. so ya there is my little bit of sincho that i have for you guys. im dead serious family when i say you need to watch this broadcast that was last night. you guys will get the spirit of missionary work and feel the importance. it will drive Ben and Ella when they are faced with decisions that lead to a mission or another path. for ben at least for a mission and for ella temple marriage or if she wants to serve a mission. i love you guys and this church is true and you will feel the spirit of the lord as you try to serve god and choose the right. church and family is what is most important and we shouldn{t let anything else get in the way of those 2 things. love you guys so much and i hope you have a good week.

elder call
oh i forgot to tell you by the way our investigator delfina got married last saturday and is going to be baptised this saturday

             a turtle we bought from some guy in the street so we could let it free in the lake hahaha

getting a jalon or hitchike from san pedro back to our area with the police. we had to walk all the way there this week it was long hah alike 2 hours of walking but we got lucky on the way back.

a great picture of the lake in our area

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