Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Week Gone By... (week 21)

i can’t believe it’s already been a week since the last time i wrote you…i just don’t get it… the time is flying by so fast right now it is just ridiculous. the time flew by so fast this week i literally can’t remember what we did all week, ha, ha. well, to start off with, i love my new comp. he is hilarious and he is so motivated to work it is great. really the only thing that i can remember about our week right now is that it was a really good week for the work. we actually had some success this week, except for the fact that nobody came to church yesterday, but other than that it was a good week. we have been working really hard with our investigators and have really been trying to help them progress. we have been praying a ton for them and trying to figure out how we can help them take the next step. your prayers family are really helping us and i am so grateful for that. we set 3 new fechas this week which is pretty much a miracle. we haven’t had any success setting fechas since before the last 2 changes probably. so it is a miracle that so many of our investigators actually want to progress and take the next step forward. its too early to know if they will get baptized or not but just the fact that they are exercising their faith by taking the next step and trusting in the lord to guide them is what i am grateful for. the good part is they are showing god that they are willing to trust him that much more by making a goal of getting baptized. yea, so as far as the work went this week it was really good. as far as fun stuff goes, i really can’t remember what fun things we did because the week just went by so fast. today was fun though because for pday we went to this mirador thing in our area with the rest of our district. my district was once again shocked about my area and how beautiful it is. yea, but this mirador thing is basically like a giant tree fort thing way up in a massive tree. it’s a sketchy guatemalan tree fort that’s like 100 feet in the air…so scary…and the final steps of getting up to the fort are just a ladder strapped to the tree with wire and then a chair strapped to the tree with wire on top of that. it was literally so sketchy and i was totally freaking out…just imagine climbing half dome over again that’s how freaked I was…it really was that scary ha, ha.
love you all and i will try to remember more things about this week to share when i write again next week. love you all and please remind ben not to forget to write me next week too.
love elder call

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