Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mads Married (Week 22)

let my start by saying first happy fathers day dad and second what the freak is madaline doiing married. that really scares me like what the freak i feel like she is such a little girl its so weird haha. i can remember the days when rachel and i would get bossed around by madiline all the time. rachel and i would always try to fight back and run and stay away from her haha. congratulations and i can{t believe that. the wedding sounded incredibnle and if at all possible i would love to see some pictures. if you guys could send some to me that would be great.

this week was just about the same as the week before. 1 of our fechas fell because we can{t even find the guy and the other one didn{t go to church because he had to leave for a week to work somewhere. as far as delfina everything is still good and she is on track to get ba´tised in 2 saturdays. her husband is going to ba´ptis her so that should be an absolutely incredible experiance for her and one she will cherish for ever. as far as our other investigators again it is so hard getting them to come to church so we had another 0 people come to church as investigators. its so frustrating but this week we focused a lot on menas activios and recent conveerts. we visited a bumch of people this week in those 2 catogories and we had an incredible attendence this week. usually its just like 90 or 85 but htis week was 125. it was great. that was really satisfying. i just need to remember that i am not only here to baptise but to visit everyone and get less actives to church. we went to san pedro again this week which is always an adventure. well we walked all the way there this time which is like 13 kilometros. saber how manyt miles but it took like 2 hours we had no luck with a jalon. haha it was like mid day you could see my skin because my shirt was stuck to my skin i was so drenched in sweat. i drank 6 litros of water that day. it was hot haha. the work in san pedro is awesome though. nobady knows the church there so our presence there is doing some good. the poeople are really nice and are so willing to listen as well. we are talking to the zls about gettting our entire zone to go out to san pedro and talk to everyone one of these days. wipe that place clean just like the witnesses haha. well see if there tactic works and if the zls will let us do it. all and all another good week. i love this work and have never been so happy in my entire life. im loving every second and the time is going by sooooo fast. i cna{t beleive i have been away from home for 7 months now haha crazy. love you guys and its so great to here from you. have a good week and pray always.

elder call

my comp had to get a bed and when the delivered it to our house they gave us shirts and we made them tak a pic with us. they look happy in the pic but these guys were super annoyed hahaha it was so funny

wilmer and catorina 
                                                                my comps in our area

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