Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mission Coban (week 20)

whats up family great to hear from you this week haha. no but really it was great geting your letters and you made up for it for sure. i wasn´t really even that disapointed that i didn´t get letters i was like more worried like someone might be dead or something. i also thought maybe the house caught on fire so you had nothing to email me with haha. im freakin nuts i know haha i have not changed a bit i always just think of the worst thing possible in situations like that haha. man i was jelous about you guys going to the ball game. those are literally the best seats in the park like actually front row just left of the plate get outta here. man i can´t beleive that the last time i was in those seats was a few days after i got back from thailand. that was almost a year ago holy crap. man i love thinking about all the things you guys are doing at our house best summer house in the world. dad what you said about our grandparents is dead on they are both incredible. man i have a great family. i thank god for that everynight.

ya so whats new this week. well i don´t feel like i am the new kid in the mission anymore which is great. i almost have 7 months and there are a bunch of new areas in the zone with brand new missionaries. like i said last week as well i feel pretty good about my spanish right now. im nowhere near perfect but i can talk and communicate just fine. thats a big relief because i never thought i was going to get to that point. as far as me whats new. i have another comp again. yup i am in another trio. pero esta bein it will be good. the guy is super cool. he is a lat from guat. he has 3 montsh in the mission. pres has put him in trios his entire mission because he is waiting for his visa for mexico. so ya he is only temperal but he has no idea when he is going to get his visa. trio will be fun. there are pros and cons of both. pro you arent stuck with 1 other guy for 6 weeks you have someone else to talk to. cons everything takes longer and you don´t get as much time to teach. i really am excited though for this change both my comps are so fun and we laugh all the time. its not all laughing we do a lot of working too of course haha. as for as the area its still about the same. we are really praying that our investigators will just freakin progress. we also found a wife of a member that isn´t a member and just started teaching her. she is just about ready for baptism as well. we have only tought her once last night but it was a great lesson. she has talked to the missionaries before and loves our message. so we are praying that she will want to progress as well. i think that it is looking pretty good with her though. im also glad i have another comp because rojas is starting to get baggy he leavers in like 2 months so at times its hard to get him motivated but now i have another fresh comp ready to work to help me give him animo. ya so thats whats new in this crazy country of guat. love you all and i will send you pics next week because i didn´t bring my card reader.

love you all and have a good week

elder call

to answer you question mom the only reason people are sad they are not going to be in mission este is because of president and sister watts almost nobady wants to serve in the cap haha

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